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San Francisco, CA
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April 29, 2022
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Company Description

Palate Club is a digital taste app looking to lead the premium food and beverage marketplace. With an initial focus on wine, our proprietary taste-matching technology leverages artificial intelligence to assess a customer’s palate and reveal their preferences. Sommelier-curated wines are matched to each user’s unique profile and delivered right to your door monthly. Join the thousands already subscribed to Palate Club and discover what you enjoy.


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$500+ Investment
$30 wine coupon
Receive a $30 discount on your next order.

$1,000+ Investment
Complimentary Tasting Kit
Get our best seller the red or white tasting kit (Value $59).

$2,500+ Investment
10% on your 1st subscription year
10% on all wine orders for 1 year (Value varies upon your purchases - On top of other discounts).

$5,000+ Investment
20% on your 1st subscription year
20% on all wine orders for 1 year (Value varies upon your purchases - On top of other discounts).

$10,000+ Investment
20% on your 1st year + Invitation to 1 annual VIP
We organize private VIP tastings with high-end wines (for investors only) in LA, SF, NY, and Miami with co-founder Nicolas Mendiharat or co-founder Aubrey Terrazas.

$50,000+ Investment
All Perks + Private advice for your wine cellar
Master Sommelier candidates co-founders Aubrey Terrazas and Jennifer Estevez will personally advise what to buy for your own wine cellar, according to your Palate Club taste profile.

Key Deal Facts

The global wine market was worth $326B in 2020 - $88B in the US alone. With the market already primed for growth, Palate Club hopes to initiate a long overdue transition to online wine sales.*
We’ve shipped more than 2,800 orders with an average order value of $125, average annual subscription of $800, and less than 6% churn after the third shipment, reaching $71K in 2021 revenue with hardly any marketing.
Palate Club’s innovative taste platform is elevating the customer experience in ways other services aren’t currently providing. Our curated and customized subscriptions bring better value and greater transparency to the premium food and beverage industry.
Amount Raised : $7,863
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