Creating sustainable infrastructure using recycled waste materials

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Hardware, Technology, Infrastructure, Sustainability, Engineering, Construction
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Delaware, OH
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April 30, 2023
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Company Description

necoTECH drives sustainable infrastructure with better and more eco-friendly materials and advanced equipment technology. Sustainability is a hot topic that no one can ignore, and the market will continue to grow because we have a dire need to develop renewable, sustainable solutions. To capture a fair share of this large and growing market, necoTECH is systematically developing a business model that works. 

Use of Proceeds

Approximately 20% towards further R & D of technologies (matched with Gov't research contracts), 60% towards hiring and operations, 13.5% Marketing for tradeshows and travel to Air Force facilities 6.5% Wefunder fees.

Key Deal Facts

Products are proven in military applications and have been awarded 6 Air Force Contracts!
We have Research & Development Agreements with NASA, U.S. Air Force, & U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Licensed 4 patents from the national labs including USACE, AFCEC, & NASA.
4 technologies selected in the Top 30 for U.S. Air Force Pavement Maintenance & Repair!
Working on a vertically integrated solution to divert over 90% of waste from landfills.
We're 1 of 2 companies selected in the US to test Recycled Plastic Asphalt by NCAT.
Multiple national partners in order to scale technologies across the US.
Currently have 7 technologies that utilize waste materials, sequester CO2, & improve performance.

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