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Transforming human remains into soil

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February 11, 2022
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June 29, 2022
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Return Home is an end of life service that gently transforms the human body into soil after death. Our proprietary Terramation™ process is an innovative, environmentally-positive alternative to traditional death care. Terramation™ turns human remains into soil that supports new life and promotes healthy ecosystems. For centuries, conventional burial and cremation have been the only two choices available, and both are environmentally unsustainable. One cremation alone burns as much fuel as a roundtrip drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, while in the United States we bury enough wood to build 2,500 homes. Return Home’s process is a revolutionary, future-forward alternative that ensures that our last act on earth is to enrich and improve it.


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Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Steve Calson

Operations Director

Steve maintains the operational integrity of Return Home’s Terramation systems. A specialist at managing complex systems in highly demanding environments, Steve holds a degree in chemistry from the University of Oregon, and has extensive background in engineering including design, manufacturing and quality control across multiple industries. 
“I want to leave a healthy planet for my grandkids and their children to live,” says Steve. “Return Home’s Terramation system reduces our environmental impact on the planet and I enjoy being part of something that helps our world.”

Brie Smith

Services Director

Brie is responsible for all at-need death care including services, arrangements, ceremonies, and ensuring families wishes are fulfilled with dignity and respect. She also leads Return Home’s educational outreach efforts with the funeral industry.
Brie is a licensed funeral director and embalmer in Washington state, and has served two terms as the President of the Puget Sound Funeral Directors Association where she remains actively involved. She has worked in the funeral industry since 2011, graduating with honors from MCC’s Mortuary Science Program in 2014.  
“People deserve a natural end-of-life choice,” says Brie. “After witnessing the gentle transformation of Terramation, I knew I wanted to educate others about this new alternative that will bring so many people peace and comfort.” 

John Paul, Ph.D.

Lead Scientist

John is recognized as one of the most experienced mortality composters in the world. His work with animal mortalities has been widely documented, and some of his Youtube videos have garnered over 750,000 views. 
John has a PhD in soil microbiology and biochemistry and worked as a Waste Management scientist for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada from 1991 to 1998.
Dr. Paul was the chief achitect of Return Home's Terramation™ system, developing both the process and our unique 'in vessel' system.

Raphael Hamm

Mechanical Lead

Raph Hamm is in charge of designing and developing all of Return Home's unique Terramation™ equipment. He has a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology from British Columbia Institute of Technology and has worked extensively in the oil and gas and the automotive industry.
Raph was instrumental in designing and having our equipment manufactured. He now spends his time with us optimtimizing our systems, making sure they are working at maximum efficiency.

Katey Houston

Services Manager

Katey is a funeral director and embalmer, licensed in both Britain and the United States. She is responsible for caring for our families, and ensuring that their loved ones are given the utmost care and love.
Katey is a graduate of both Lake Washington Technical College in the U.S., and the Salisbury College of Funeral Sciences in Britain. She has worked in the funeral industry for 10 years.
A strong proponent of equal and accessible deathcare, Katey serves on the board of directors with Washington State Funeral Directors Association, helping to shape the profession of the future.

Chris Stone

Operations Technician

Chris works hard to ensure that our Terramation™ process works flawlessly every time. Chris is highly experienced, and previously worked for 5 years both as a cremationist, and as a removal technician.

Sam Bosgra

Manufacturing Lead

Sam Bosgra is responsible for working closely with our engineering and scientific teams to fabricate all of the bespoke Terramation™ machinery Return Home currently uses. He specializes in developing, testing, and perfecting machinery for the agricultural industry. Sam has worked with the agricultural industry for decades, and in the composting industry since 1994.

Courtney Norris

Construction Lead

Courtney was responsible for building the entire Return Home facility, and works with the Return Home team to continually improve our unique 11,500 sqf Terramation™ space. Courtney worked closely with our architects, engineers, HVAC specialists and soil scientists to build our unique facility. With over 20 years experience, Courtney’s communication and knowledge of the building industry allow focus to be directed at construction quality, schedules, and budgets.
Amount Raised : $630,106
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