Flash Scientific Technology

Lightning Prediction Technology

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February 18, 2022
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April 30, 2023
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Company Description

Flash Scientific Technology is an inventive weather intelligence company at the forefront of artificial intelligence-based forecasting technology. With a vast array of weather prediction applications including lightning prediction, FLASH is poised to significantly enhance critical, life-saving predictions of adverse weather conditions.


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Wireless Weather Station with Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer and Remote Sensor

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Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Will Howard

Lead Software Engineer

Software Engineer with 5+ years of experience building production-level systems and highly-scalable applications
A first employee for an industrial manufacturing startup helping to automate and instrument production workflows, and create internal software tooling for production workers
Undertook computational research projects for NASA’s Multi-sensor Improved Sea-Surface Temperature (MISST) project, the Utah Department of Air Quality, and data ingest for the Great Salt Lake Summer Ozone Study
BS in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Utah, emphasizing studies in mountain meteorology and air quality

Jamie Castle

VP of Sales and COO

Career operational meteorologist for over 33 years
Began his career with the United States Air Force as a meteorologist, honorably discharged disabled veteran serving the country for 7 years
Deploying worldwide to support military operations for Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines, plus was the point meteorologist in charge during the Haitian military intervention Uphold Democracy in 1994
Recently retired from NetJets, was the Chief Meteorologist and Dispatch manager spanning over 26 years, instrumental in developing the meteorology and dispatch departments

Dylan Steinkruger

Lead AI and Machine Learning Engineer

Previously a graduate student and researcher at the Pennsylvania State University where he developed artificial intelligence applications for meteorological problems
Developed the first artificial intelligence system capable of issuing tornado warnings with no “human in the loop”
During his graduate studies, Mr. Steinkruger received multiple awards for his research including the 2020 John C. Wyngaard Graduate Research Award and also served in several capacities including as a lecturer for the American Meteorological Society’s short course on Machine Learning in Python for Environmental Science Problems

Michael Winston, CFA

Strategic Advisor

Began his career with Credit Suisse First Boston and later spent five years as a portfolio manager, co-running $1B at one of the largest investment funds in the world, Millennium Partners
After leaving Millennium, Mr. Winston created the Sutton View group of companies, dedicated to forming investment partnerships on behalf of institutional and qualified investors
He has appeared on CNBC, been recognized for excellence in investing by Institutional Investor Magazine and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal

Chuck Shanklin

Strategic Advisor

Decades of experience including Artais Weather Check (the original inventor of the AWOS, the Automated Weather Observing System, and ASOS, the Automated Surface Observing System)
Assisted in the family acquisition of Crestview Aerospace, turned the company into a massively successful enterprise, and later managed and facilitated the sale of Crestview Aerospace to L-3 Communications

Ron Sandel


Provides expertise in fundraising and overall company growth
Technology business executive with over 20 years experience and has advised early stage startups from inception to IPO and acquisition
Is currently the General Manager of HotelTonight, an Airbnb company, where he manages day-to-day operations with a focus on growth. He previously held executive positions at Yahoo and Chegg, where he led growth and operations from pre-IPO to a publicly traded company

Brenda Paauwe-Navori


Provides expertise in the aviation and space industries
Founder and former President of GoGo Jet Inflight
Board Member of Jet Token and St. Thomas Yacht Club Foundation
In addition to being on several Advisory Boards, Brenda is an aviation and aerospace veteran having sold business jets valued in aggregate at over a billion dollars
She brings over 20 years of executive experience with global industry leaders including Embraer Aircraft, Inc., Flexjet by Bombardier, Virgin Group and Antilles Genot & Partners

J.B. Bernstein


Provides expertise in marketing and fundraising
A "Genetically Wired Entrepreneur," Bernstein has helped fund and successfully launch businesses in Packaged Goods, Trading Cards, Digital Content, Sports, TV, Supplements, Building Blocks, and New Tech
As a 35+ year veteran of the sports marketing and packaged goods industries, Mr. Bernstein has been called an “Evolutionary Force Multiplier” in business, and is widely respected for his creative problem solving and positive results
Bernstein’s early work includes positions with Grey Advertising, Procter & Gamble, Upper Deck, and Major League Soccer before starting his own sports agency

Greg Fell


Provides expertise in the aviation industry and social media marketing
Fell is the CEO of Tsū, a social media platform that is innovating social media and eCommerce into a platform that pays users for their content and allows them to market and sell products to their community
He is the former COO of Gama Aviation, the largest managed aircraft business in the US, flies over 200 flights a day and has over 200 planes under management across the globe

Ehud Talmor


Provides expertise in the aviation industry
Decorated, recently retired senior officer from the Israeli Air Force with over 20 years of experience in all aspects of air combat and aircraft logistics
He began his career in 1995 as a fighter pilot and later, flight instructor
He subsequently took on a variety of supervisory roles, including F-16 deputy squadron commander
In 2007, he joined the Acquisitions Department of the Israeli Ministry of Defense and later held the position of Project Manager for three separate Air Force jet acquisition projects

George Murnane


Provides expertise in the commercial aviation industry
Overall strategic and operational responsibility for the Company’s staff, programs, expansion and mission execution, as well as for developing and implementing value-added initiatives to grow the Company’s business
Previously, Mr. Murnane held a number of aviation-related senior positions in management and operations (CEO / COO / CFO) at ImperialJet Europe and VistaJet (European business jet charter companies) and more
Amount Raised : $490,293
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