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Replacing fossil fuel generators with mobile solar solutions

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Preferred Stock
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February 18, 2022
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April 30, 2022
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What do emergency managers, NGOs, telecommunication networks, off-gridders, outdoor events, musicians and film producers have in common? They all rely on dirty fossil fuel generators. At New Use Energy Solutions, we make a direct impact on people and organizations with sustainable technologies and resilient solutions that empower change. From leading-edge solar trailers to the modular Sunkit™ to the ultra portable PowerPacs, New Use Energy Solutions' professional grade product line is what our customers can rely on for a clean, quiet, and easily deployable alternative to gas-powered generators. The Climate Crisis drives our business and our products directly address its causes and consequences.


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Free 30 minute Zoom call with a New Use Energy Solutions solar expert to discuss your power preparedness.

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New Use Energy Solutions makes a $300 donation to Footprint Project; plus,

Free 30 minute Zoom call with a New Use Energy Solutions solar expert to discuss your power preparedness.

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Gift or donation of PowerPac 830w; plus,

Your choice of a 30-minute Zoom call with a New Use Energy Solutions solar expert to discuss your power preparedness or 30-minute Zoom meeting with New Use Energy Solutions's CEO.

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Gift or donation of PowerPac 2200 with Quad Fold Panels or a $3,000 donation to Footprint Project; plus,

A 30-minute Zoom call with an expert to discuss your power preparedness; plus,

A 30-minute Zoom call with our CEO.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Roger Heegaard
Board Director
An attorney and entrepreneur, Roger brings extensive experience in building companies, fundraising methods, working effectively with investors and a deep understanding of business strategy. Roger currently serves as President of Enova Illumination Inc, a leading edge provider of battery powered medical illumination devices.  

Nicholas Rogerson

Board Director

As a global entrepreneur, management consultant at Root Capital and co-founder of the Global Family Initiative in Ethiopia, Nicholas brings to New Use Energy Solutions valuable insight to intersect profit oriented business with social impact, especially in the area of combating climate change and promoting equitable development.

Nate Heegaard

NGO Liaison

Inventor, Entrepreneur and dedicated humanitarian. Nate influences New Use Energy Solutions' product development and plays a key advisory role in marketing and growing New Use Energy Solutions' relationships with NGO's to effectively bridge the for profit to non-profit gulf and grow New Use Energy Solutions' social impact.

Eric Youngren

Head of Product Development

Decades of clean energy solutions design experience across the globe in the toughest environments. Off-grid, battery back-up, grid-tied solar, microhydro, wind and generator hybrid energy systems for families, businesses and rural village communities. Solar Entrepreneur and inventor of the Solar Nexus. 

AY Young

Special Advisor

AY Young is a producer, singer, songwriter, entertainer, entrepreneur and United Nations Youth Ambassador. While touring the USA, AY learned that over 1 billion people lack access to electricity. So AY began powering concerts using renewable energy, raising awareness about sustainability, and fundraising to bring people electricity. Thus, the Battery Tour was born and has plugged in 17 countries to date.

Katie Black

Special Advisor

Katie’s solar career spans more than 17 years in sales and business development functions. She is currently the Vice President of Business Development at Signal Energy, an engineering, procurement, and construction leader based out of Chattanooga, TN. Katie is focused on expanding relationships with major IPPs, utilities, and national accounts on project work across the country.

Will Heegaard

Special Advisor

A pioneer who established Footprint Project to bring clean energy to help people and communities survive and build back greener after disasters. Assists New Use Energy Solutions in innovating products to meet real needs and demands of first responders and forming the base for long term community resiliency. 

Richard Birt

Special Advisor

After a 30-year career in the fire service and founding Solar And Fire Education (S.A.F.E.) which teaches firefighters how to safely mitigate fires involving solar panels and batteries, Captain Birt is now channeling his energy to bring mobile solar solutions to Fire Departments nationwide and replace their use of portable gasoline generators.
Amount Raised : $233,650
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