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Preferred Stock
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February 07, 2022
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April 30, 2022
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Company Description

VB Brands/CLICK Spray solves one of the cannabis industry's biggest growth problems--margin compression. Although many are trying vertical integration to tackle the problem, CLICK provides an alternative, more sustainable solution which we believe can produce gross margin's exceeding 40% (see data room for assumptions).VB Brands, at its core with CLICK, is a branding and marketing company of high-tech patent pending products and packaging that is licensed to legally authorized and selected cannabis manufacturers/distributors to make the final finished product that is sold at retail stores or through Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) delivery services. VB Brands makes its revenue based on the sale of hardware and packaging that includes the licensing fee to sell a product bearing VB Brands’ CLICK brand.Additionally, the use of Nano-emulsion technology is unique to CLICK’s patent pending bottles. Other products in the market use generic “mace bottles” that were designed to spray a “focused” stream of liquid to thwart off an attacker. This results in a very aggressive and off-putting spray experience into the mouth; additionally, other companies use of oil based distillate leaves a sticky oily feeling in the back of your throat. We believe the CLICK experience is exceptional. When you spray CLICK, it generates a pleasing “puffy cloud” of fine mist that sprays lightly and evenly in your mouth, providing a premium experience, flavor and aftertaste.With over 100k units sold in the first year of operations, already an award winning product, CLICK Spray is now in 100+ retailers throughout California and has plans for near term expansion in Massachusetts and Canada. Beyond NBA player-investors, CLICK Spray has entered into an exciting celebrity 5 year collaboration with Mike Tyson, former boxing world champ, and his Mike Tyson 2.0 cannabis company.


Tier 1 - $2,500 to $4,999 - You will receive one entry into a lottery to win a roundtrip airfare, two night hotel stay, dinner at a 5 star restaurant with the CLICK team and tickets to an LA sporting event or concert. Additionally you will receive 4 CLICK Wellness sprays, or if you live in the state of California, a 50% off discount code for CLICK sprays and gummies.

Tier 2 - $5,000 to $49,999 - Perks included in Tier 1 plus custom CLICK sweatshirt and hat, as well as a one on one call with CLICK's founder Roie Edery.

Tier 3 - $50,000- $99,999 - Perks included in Tier 2 plus five entries into a lottery to win a roundtrip airfare, two night hotel stay, dinner at a 5 star restaurant with the CLICK team, and tickets to an LA sporting event or concert.

Tier 4 - $100,000 to $499,999 - Perks included in Tier 3 plus signed NBA swag and a Zoom call with retired NBA champion Omri Casspi.

Tier 5 - $500K+ - All perks included in Tier 4 plus an all expenses paid trip to a NBA game for two, including the opportunity to meet with recently retired NBA champion, Omri Casspi.

Bonus Perk: For those who invest by March 4, 2022, you will receive an additional entry into a lottery to win a roundtrip airfare, two night hotel stay, dinner at a 5 star restaurant with the CLICK team, and tickets to an LA sporting event or concert.

It is advised that you consult a tax professional to fully understand any potential tax implications of receiving investor perks before making an investment.

Please note that due to share price calculations, some final investment amounts may be rounded down to the nearest whole share - these will still qualify for the designated perk tier. Additionally, investors must complete the online process and receive an initial email confirmation by the deadline stated above in order to be eligible for perks.

Key Deal Facts

Over 100k units shipped in first year

Since launch penetrated 100+ retail stores in California

Won multiple awards including best sublingual awards, best edible award and a Clio design award

Executed a multi-state 5 year deal to launch a co-branded SKU with Mike Tyson's brand Tyson 2.0, expected launch in Q1 2021

Signed agreements to expand into Canada and Massachusetts before end of year
Amount Raised : $711,393
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