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A Cool Way To Save Lives

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Preferred Stock
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April 20, 2022
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December 29, 2022
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Company Description

EPR-Technologies is a biomedical company leading advances in emergency medicine to save lives in serious trauma cases and sudden cardiac arrest when needed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) fails. Serious trauma is one of the leading cause of death in people under 45. The market is huge, and EPR is positioned to capture a very significant share of the rapid market growth following FDA approval of ongoing EPR clinical trials. Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation (EPR) will be used to induce rapid profound hypothermia, a state in which no oxygen delivery is required for 3+ hours, buying life-saving time for transport to a hospital followed by immediate surgical repairs and medical interventions. EPR is the next revolutionary resuscitation step in saving the lives of loved ones too precious to be lost.


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Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Thomas Hardiman

Executive Vice President and Member of the Board of Directors

Tom Hardiman serves as EPR Technologies' Executive Vice President for U.S. and global financing, marketing, and sales. Tom's experience includes 20+ years commercial and government strategic marketing expertise in the medical device, pharmaceutical recall/returns, and real estate sectors. Previously, as Vice President of Cine-Med, an AMA-accredited Education, Medical Communications, and Marketing firm, Tom sourced, serviced, and supported numerous Commercial-Federal contracts and currently works with the American College of Surgeons, United States Department of Defense, the Coalition Provisional Authority, the Iraqi Ministry of Health, the Department of Health and Human Services, and all branded and generic pharmaceutical manufacturers.
Mr. Hardiman's primary occupation is with the City of Stamford, Connecticut. He currently serves 15-20 hours per week in his role with EPR-Technologies, Inc.

Brad Stezoski

Member of the Board of Directors

Brad Stezoski is a Board Member of EPR-Technologies. Brad received a Bachelor of Arts, Studio Arts, Degree from the University of Pittsburgh. He has experience in media, photography, and website design for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), Department of Anesthesiology. Currently, Brad is with UPMC IT as an analyst, developer and support expert for administrative business web technologies for medical, community practice, education, and research-based Intranet sites, and is the Lead Developer of SharePoint sites for all administrative medical departments at UPMC. 
Mr. Stezoski's primary occupation is with UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside. He is the son of one of the original co-founders, William Stezoski, and represents the Stezoski Family on the Board of Directors. He currently serves 1-2 hours per week in his role with EPR-Technologies, Inc.
Amount Raised : $32,702
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