Virtual Athletics League

Dedicated to bringing a competitive scene to your favorite VR games

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April 22, 2022
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August 31, 2022
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Dedicated to bringing about the future of VR esports, Virtual Athletics League works with content creators across major social platforms to market VR titles and biannually hosts the largest collaborations between VR studios through the VR Summer and Winter Games.


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$120+ Investment
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A free game from any of the games from our game store, listing on the VAL website, and access to our exclusive investor channel on discord.

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VR esports enthusiast
Two free games from any of the games from our game store, listing on the VAL website, and access to our exclusive investor channel on discord.

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VR esports recruit package
Three free games from any of the games from our game store, a VAL esports jersey, listing on the VAL website, and access to our exclusive investor channel on discord + alpha access to our tournament software.

$1,000+ Investment
VR esports LAN pro package
Video call with CEO + 2% share bonus, LAN esports party invitation in Salt Lake City, a VAL esports jersey, listing on the VAL website, and access to our exclusive investor channel on discord + 3 free games from our game store + alpha access to ...

$5,000+ Investment
VR esports LAN Champion Package
LAN esports party invitation in Salt Lake City + 5% share bonus, a Quest 2*, a custom VAL faceplate quest 2, a VAL esports jersey, listing on the VAL website, and access to our exclusive investor channel on discord, and $200 store credit on our ...

$10,000+ Investment
VR esports LAN VIP Package
2 days free hotel stay in Salt Lake City for VAL LAN esports party + 10% share bonus, A custom VAL faceplate for a quest 2, a Quest 2*, a VAL esports jersey, listing on the VAL website, and access to our exclusive investor channel on discord, and ...

Key Deal Facts

VR and esports are both growing quickly. VAL is at the perfect intersection of the two.

VAL has partnered with major game titles, including Beat Saber, Far Cry, The Walking Dead, and Creed. VAL has also worked with industry-leading companies such as HTC, HP, Ubisoft, and Meta.

Through collaboration with creators on YouTube and TikTok, VAL has experienced rapid revenue growth - operating income has increased 300% since 2020.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Bobbi Alexandrova

Co-founder & Technical Advisor

Bobbi is a Technology Leader with over 24 years of experience in the field. She has experience in all levels of Engineering organization, starting as Software Engineer, Lead Developer, Engineering Manager and Director and most recently VP, Technology for Xplor Technologies. Bobbi has worked for both small and big organizations, including some of the most recognized technology companies in Utah - Fusion-io and Domo. She joined VAL in September 2019 and helped build VAL engineering team and deliver the current features as well as OneArena game store.

Laurel Cuthbert

Director of Human Resources

Laurel has been with VAL since 2018, as a volunteer, then an intern hired as a generalist in 2019 which turned into an event coordinator, and now currently over HR for the entire company. 
She has over +10 years of experience in customer relations working in the medical field, education, and entertainment industry, and 5 years in human resources while working at BambooHR and Virtualities Arcade.
Laurel is currently a Senior at Brigham Young University-Idaho getting her Human Relations degree with a minor in Social Media.

Jeff Brooks

Director of Marketing

A graduate of the Masters of Management program at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Jeff's interests lie at the intersection of business and entertainment. He's passionate about developing creative methods to generate momentum and viewership for projects in the entertainment industry. Essentially, If a talented individual or team has produced a great piece of content, he wants to make sure that people hear about it! In his current role as the Director of Marketing at the Virtual Athletics League, he accomplishes this goal by collaborating with influencers in the video game space to craft powerful marketing campaigns for titles in both the Virtual Reality, and traditional gaming industry. In this capacity, he's launched a game to the top ten of Steam best sellers, and done influencer work for legacy franchises such as Sam and Max, and Far Cry!

Addison Moreno

Director of Business Development

With 8+ years in Sales and Team Management, Addison has a diverse background working for the Atlanta Hawks of the NBA and in The IoT/ SaaS industry. Former companies he has done projects with include Google, Verizon, AT&T, and EVgo. 
Addison is a VR enthusiast, Sport card collector, Fantasy Football savant and lover of all things Gaming. He graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a Minor in English. He currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sam McArdle

Product Manager

With 10+ years of front-end development and product management experience, Sam has helped a variety of brands and companies build in the digital space. He has led teams in creating various products that create immersive experiences, community connections and valuable customer interactions for companies such as Coca-Cola, Comcast, McDonalds, BBCA and CNN. With extensive experience playing and competing in video games, Sam is overjoyed to be a part of the Virtualities team. 

Nathan McColm

Developer Relations & Marketing Specialist

Nate McColm majored in Political Science from BYU-Idaho. Following a passion for journalism he then went on to work in news/talk radio for Bonneville Distribution, followed by several years spent at iHeartMedia. He joined VAL during their first big event, and has managed to become a key part of the company since then. A skilled coordinator, organizer, and broadcaster, Nate manages some of the most important details of the day-to-day operations at VAL. He's also been an avid gamer ever since the fateful day he first held the controller of his dad's old Atari back in the early 90's. He tells everyone it's in his blood, and he's shown that to be true time and again.

Matthew Strange

Software Engineer

Matthew is from the state of Utah where he pursued higher education in Software Development and now works as a full stack engineer at VAL. He worked on developing software at both Tesla and Walmart before coming to VAL to pursue a career in the VR industry. In his spare time he is an avid reader, lover of true-crime, and enjoys recreational volleyball.

Tabitha Gibbs

Manager of League Community and Broadcasting

Tabitha has an education and professional experience in robotics, but she has also has a lifelong passion for eSports. She got into the industry starting with the Meta Quest 2 launch, becoming a competitor, Moderator, and then Governor for VRML. She managed the Echo Arena, Onward, and Pavlov leagues, where she worked with players, developers, and sponsors to grow and advance the leagues. Her experience in managing moderator teams and production brought her to Virtual Athletics League, where she is excited to work with the team to set up new leagues and unite more players and games under the VAL name.

Nathan Harsono

Media & Broadcast Specialist

With 3+ years of experience, Nathan Harsono worked both in front and behind the cameras as production lead for all of Virtualities’s live broadcasts. During which, he broadcasted some of VR’s biggest titles such as Beat Saber, Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, and Walkabout Minigolf. In the company’s younger days, Nathan scaled the broadcast system from domestic to international viewing and boosted engagement by 24.4%.
As one of the team’s creatives, Nathan curated much of the company’s social media presence, increasing Facebook’s organic follows by 51% and Twitter engagement to 2.7%. Nathan’s also been a part of Virtualities’s many partnerships such as Ubisoft’s Far Cry brought alive in Zero Latency VR.

Spencer Bell

Finance Specialist

Former ecologist turned number cruncher, Spencer is responsible for managing VAL’s books and helping to inform financial decision making. A relative newcomer to the world of VR, he makes sure to set aside plenty of time for “personal development” involving a certain headset.

Haylie Asher

TikTok Creator

Dedicated to promotional material through our community on TikTok, Haylie has grown the companies' account with focus on both the character of our company, as well as highlights to the many different games we work with. She also helps promote education and fitness through the platform and pushes for growth both during and after our League Tournaments. 

Kaylene Yong

Graphic Designer

Kaylene received her bachelors in Graphic Design and Communication Arts from University of Wisconsin-Madison. She has produced a variety of graphics, from packaging and branding to social media and animation. Kaylene has designed branding for upcoming businesses as well as established organizations like Madison Museum of Contemporary Art and was the Social Media Coordinator for AIGA UW-Madison. Originally from Malaysia, she studied fine arts and design in both America and Italy to build a global perspective of design for communication. Now, Kaylene is taking her love for design and gaming into VAL as Graphic Designer.

Hala Louviere

Esports Specialist

Hala has joined our team to work on esports and social media as she finishes her English and Communication Studies degrees at Utah State University. She previously was a marketing intern for Bear Lake Community Health Centers. At USU, she has been a writing tutor and competitive player for the esports club. At VAL, Hala plans esports tournaments and leagues, focusing on bulding a regular community of players. She also manages our social media presence, focusing on growing our Twitter and Instagram engagement.

Shay Pritulsky

Creator & PR Specialist

Shay is a recent San Diego State University graduate with a BA in Journalism and Public Relations. Her expertise comes from public relations agency work and social media content creation and management. Through her work in social media, she has managed Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for multiple small businesses across Phoenix, AZ. She also interned at a top-rated public relations and advertising firm in Scottsdale, where she produced social media content, press releases, newsletters and blog posts. Shay also worked with Special Olympics International on a public relations campaign that made over 500,000 social media impressions and received media coverage in Forbes and Fox Sports Radio. At VAL, Shay is developing skills in influencer and game developer relations and planning Facebook, TikTok and Google ads campaigns.



As a kid Fox fell in love with gaming after trying out Kirby 64. Ever since then his love for all things gaming has grown! He discovered VR in 2018 and purchased an Oculus Rift to try it out. When he put on that headset he had a mission in mind, to show what the virtual world has to offer through his own eyes! He decided on the name Soul Fox Gaming and started to pursue that goal with his YouTube channel. Since then he has gone on to share his love of VR through gameplays and comedy. He is always looking out for new experiences to showcase, while his main virtual home will always be in Rec Room.



tnybeats is a VR Mixed Reality content creator from California. After earning a bachelors degree in Art and Photography, she travelled the U.S. executing green screen photo boots for interactive brand activations. Her Beat Saber Mixed Reality videos became a creative outlet for her interests in dance, gaming, and photography.



A gamer from a young age, OtterWorldly is living the dream getting to combine her love of gaming, performing & creating into a career as a VR content creator. OtterWorldly started on YouTube in 2018, posting mixed reality Beat Saber videos after being inspired by SwanVR's viral 'Escape' video. Viewers were drawn to OtterWorldly's unique approach to the game, often playing challenging maps while dancing around (often in themed attire), and quickly OtterWorldly amassed a loyal following. While still enjoying & posting Beat Saber videos, OtterWorldly has expanded into covering all types of VR games, always focusing on having a good time & letting her positivity and enthusiasm for VR shine through!



TigressX is a virtual reality content creator who has been livestreaming on twitch for over 10 years. Her experience in livestreaming from her own studio led to her current role as Production Engineer at the tiktok studios. She has found recent success with Beat Saber content and other VR rhythm games and has worked with many brands such as GFUEL and Logitech, as well as Game Developers such as Ubisoft.



After 15 years of experience in both the music industry and content creation, Hambone is the full time lead producer and creative director of the VBunny Go brand (alongside his wife and best friend). He is determined to help creators (both big and small) develop themselves to achieve their goals and is willing to share a wide variety of knowledge ranging from video editing, marketing, branding, community building, thumbnail graphic design, audio (including recording, mixing and mastering), effective monetization strategies (Business models), streaming, advanced OBS techniques, analytics, and more.

Sam Tabor


Sam is a YouTube creator that has been making content on the platform for 10 years now. His personal channel has 1.3 million subscribers and primarily focuses on skateboarding and funny everyday life hijinx, while his second channel is a comedy-based gaming channel with over 800,000 subscribers. Across all his social media pages including Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, and Twitter, he makes funny content for all ages, with a balance of skateboarding, gaming, and funny shenanigans with friends.

Logan Theobald (LSToast)


LSToast started out as a competitive Beat Saber player in 2018, occasionally making highlight videos for his top plays. After making a name for himself by winning tournaments and working his way up to rank #5 in the world, he was hired as a mixed reality technician and video editor at Splitverse, a studio that is focused on creating high-end virtual reality content. Using the skills he gained from the job, LSToast started making his own mixed reality videos and streaming in his spare time. These MR videos ended up going viral and skyrocketed his social media platforms to over 8 million combined followers. Although he mainly creates videos for Beat Saber, LSToast also plays other VR games like Boneworks, Pistolwhip and Nock.



Ari from FitProVR is the go to authority for credentialed VR Fitness. Holding a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology, a bachelors of science in Kinesiology, as well as a laundry list of personal and specialized fitness training certifications. Ari prides himself on bringing consumers a realistic and no-nonsense approach to fitness, mental health, and wellness practices while cutting through the fluff and pseudo-science that litters the fitness landscape. Ari is a former boxer and mma athlete so he is a great fit for the VAL team.

Jullian Slater (TechManJu)


Jullian Slater AKA TechManJu is a Content creator based out of Miami. He has over 1 Million followers on Tiktok and he is an avid lover of Anime, Fitness, and Virtual Reality. The goal for his channel is to dive into the future and become the best versions of ourselves with VR gameplay videos and vlogs!

Matt - BMFVR


BMF is a Virtual Reality/Oculus Quest YouTube content creator with over 200,000 subscribers.BMF is a lover of Jesus, Family, VR, Comic Books, and all things Technology.Whether it's game reviews,tips & tricks, first impressions, or even random thoughts on the Oculus Quest, you will find it on his channel.
Amount Raised : $53,906
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