AnyFans is a multi-platform social media experience on mobile App and YouTube

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Technology, Entertainment, Financial Services
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Lake Havasu City, AZ
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April 30, 2023
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💲Our Founder's 1st tech start-up generated $1 million in revenue in year one
😎AnyFans YouTube Influencer-hosts will grow AF App users to 1 million in 2022 and 10 million in '23 (not guaranteed)
💲All the major tech companies are in a race to get to web 3.0 - interactivity is the future of tech
👌Raised $500,000 to date-crowdfunding will fill the gap prior to planned seed round in summer 2022
👀 70% of top 500 brands are buying ads on the top social platforms, more than $65 🅱Billion in 2021
😊GenZ wants an App that builds a sense of community to network with those with similar interests
💯Hosts promote authenticity and positivity to combat constant mental health challenges GenZ faces

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Josh Luke Founder & CEO Luke was a healthcare CEO for 10 years before launching 2 health-tech start-ups. While teaching at the University of Southern California students shared their hunger for a more interactive platform with a sense of community & positivity. AnyFans was born, Anastasia Souris Vice President, Influencer Marketing ❤Having worked for Victoria Secret & Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival, Anastasia launched a lifestyle blog in 2016. Sharing her love for styling, fashion & more, it evolved into a digital marketing agency that shapes brands' image, presence & community., Ryan Jacobson Chief Creative Officer & Chief Technology Officer After starting up and running multiple successful creative businesses, Ryan joined the executive team at AnyFans as Chief Creative Officer and Chief Technology Officer., Kelley Johnson Host, AnyFans DailyMiss California 2018 & Miss Colorado 2015, Kelley is a Registered Nurse & influencer with more than 230,000 followers. Kelley will introduce daily content and will serve as a mentor & coach to up-and-coming creators on the AF platform., Sadiki Johnson Manager, User Experience Sadiki played intercollegiate soccer en route to graduating from Hope International University in May 2022. He was instrumental in designing the color and concept for the AnyFans mobile App & constantly studies social trends sought after by GenZ., William Cannon Manager, App & Marketing Full time student. Led a sales team to produce unexpected results in a fresh market. Bilingual, English and Spanish. Served as an international volunteer in Uruguay for two years. Focused on creating a better social future., Dominic Campeau Manager, Video Content & Production Dominic was an intercollegiate baseball player at Long Beach State and Hope International University before graduating with a BA. He is passionate about content creation, video production and also serves as Hangout Host for the "FightClub Hangout"., Jadon "Jaymo" Morones Senior Video Editor & Hangout HostJadon is a Senior Video Editor and a world-renowned finger-boarder. He loves to skate and also serves as host of "the Hotbox Hangout." Check out the Hotbox videos on YouTube. One of his first HotBox by AnyFans videos went viral on TikTok!
Amount Raised : $186,253
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