AnyFans is a multi-platform social media experience on mobile App and YouTube

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Technology, Entertainment, Crowdfunding, App, Streaming
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Lake Havasu City, AZ
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2023
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Company Description

💲Our Founder's 1st tech start-up generated $1 million in revenue in year one
😎AnyFans YouTube Influencer-hosts will grow AF App users to 1 million in 2022 and 10 million in '23 (not guaranteed)
💲All the major tech companies are in a race to get to web 3.0 - interactivity is the future of tech
👌Raised $500,000 to date-crowdfunding will fill the gap prior to planned seed round in summer 2022
👀 70% of top 500 brands are buying ads on the top social platforms, more than $65 🅱Billion in 2021
😊GenZ wants an App that builds a sense of community to network with those with similar interests
💯Hosts promote authenticity and positivity to combat constant mental health challenges GenZ faces

Security Description

A CAFES (Contract and Future Equity Stake) can convert into different types of equity upon a Triggering Event, such as: common or preferred stock for a corporation, limited partnership interest for a limited partnership and membership interest for a limited liability company. At the time of the Triggering Event, the specific rights and limitations associated with the equity stake being issued to the investors will be determined and disclosed by the Entrepreneur.

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