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May 03, 2024
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Company Description

Le Grand Bleu has been in operation for more than 20 years and currently has a 4.5-star rating on TripAdvisor; and was recently voted top “travelers choice”. In May 2023 Le Grand Bleu Resort is now #1 on TripAdvisor for resorts on Nosy Be, Madagascar; out of 39 others.
Recent Revenue History
2018 - $404,442
2019 - $448,258
2020-2022 minimal activity due to pandemic
Bookings and activity have returned to pre-covid levels!
2023 is projected for $450,000-500,000 total revenue (bookings for hotel + restaurant and activities)
Top Reasons to Invest

Le Grand Bleu is the #1 Resort on TripAdvisor with over 20 years in operation
Generated over $237,000 in the last 7 months!
50-70% operating margins. High profitability
Nosy Be has the newest and highest volume international airport in Madagascar
Out of this world tour, excursions and activities for guests! Guests can experience one of the most pristine coral reefs in the world.
76% current occupancy rate and we have no plans to slow down!
Quarterly dividends!
22% projected IRR
Highly qualified team of industry hospitality experts (Wild World), a team of 8 software engineers and an operations expert and financial advisor.
1 Bonus $50 share for first 237 investors! Immediate 10% return. Check out all other investor perks below.
13.9% expected growth in global tourism market in 2023.
Moat of security – The resort is already profitable and can return 7-9% yield with current state ($4-5 yearly dividend)
Detailed and vetted renovations already designed with local Italian construction company. Full resort refreshment + adding 7-10 luxury rooms.
Renovations boosts revenues significantly!

Conservative dividend yield projections ($50 share price)
Year 1: Possibly $0. Dependent on pay down of resort and renovations as that is first priority.
Year 2: $9  (18% yield)
Year 3 $11  (22% yield)
Year 4 $11  (22% yield)
Year 5 $11  (22% yield)
Year 6 $12 (24% yield)
Year 7 $13 (26% yield)
Year 8 $13 (26% yield)

Please review Le Grand Bleu’s website and all amenities, activities, restaurant, accommodations on the links below. New brochure is able to be downloaded as a PDF from the investment bar.
View over 1,500 photos of Le Grand Bleu on Trip Advisor. (click to view)
Italian construction company Romana Service has performed the site evaluation with Wild World quoted the renovations at approx. €400,000. This contains a total refreshment of all buildings onsite plus the construction of a new ultra-premium 8 lodging building that can be viewed in depth with the 2 links below. 
1-3 additional rooms may be built to further improve profitability.
Once these renovations are complete this will increase total revenues up to $900,000+ annually.
3D Render Property Video
Full 3D Render Images w/Interiors
Detailed plans for use of funds can be viewed below in the business proposal.

Nosy Be is already known as the most high-end and best tourism location in Madagascar. Nosy Be recently had the new Fascene International airport built. Fascene International has become the busiest airport in the country due to the tourism demand. Madagascar and Nosy Be in particular are already a popular destination for the cruise line industry. The area has one of the most pristine coral reefs in the world.  The reefs along with favorable weather, white sand beaches and other amenities support Soakmont’s valuations and builds a strong case for investment through their crowdfunding offer.
Soakmont Group and Wild World believe the resort could perform far greater in the near future with the proper renovations, management restructuring, and a new marketing campaign. 
Within this business proposal presentation below potential investors can find information on:

The Team

Planned Use of Funds

The Operating Business

The Plans for Renovation

Technical Specs of Le Grand Bleu

Nosy-Be Rental Data

Planned Resort Amenities

Investment Summary

Financial Projections

Proposed Common stock structure

Campaign Perks

How to Pledge


*Any unused funds after the acquisition and renovations will be redistributed to the shareholders through the quarterly dividend.
*Financials will be audited yearly in the USA for shareholders to review.

View over 1,500 photo’s of Le Grand Bleu on Trip Advisor. (click to view)
For any more information or questions feel free to reach out.
Amount Raised : $268,500
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