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March 31, 2022
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July 29, 2022
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InvisaCook revolutionizes your countertop by allowing you to cook on it directly. By harnessing the power of induction, InvisaCook is able to heat up just the pan with which you’re cooking, eliminating the need for open burners. It’s a safer, more stylish, more efficient way to cook that’s taking the world by storm!


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$5,000+ Receive 3% bonus shares and one, three burner unit.

$10,000+ Investment
$10,000+ One, five burner unit.

$20,000+ Investment
$20,000+ Choice of any one of our Invisacook products.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Hans King

Vice President

Hans King, a former professional hockey player for six (6) years in the top divisions in Europe, has taken his skills from the ice to the business world. Following his successful hockey career, He started a pizza franchise with Papa Murphy’s pizza ending up with six (6) locations in the Jacksonville, FL market. Hans was recruited by corporate to help them build over 150 locations on the East Coast using Hans's store set-up process, which he had pioneered.  
In 2015, Hans King sold his stores and moved on to owning Madmen Marketing. During this time, Hans also perfected his sales skills working for J&J Import, one of the largest countertop fabricators in Northeast Florida. 
Joining Curtis Ceballos, the visionary behind InvisaCook in 2018, Hans King was able to share his knowledge of stone in the development of the InvisaCook units, becoming one of the founders of InvisaCook.
Today, as Senior Vice President, Hans King handles the global sales efforts in setting up distributors and dealers. Hans also handles the marketing side of InvisaCook working with the numerous porcelain brands and always looking for ways to get InvisaCook in front of the masses. 

Ryan Ceballos

Executive Vice President

Ryan Ceballos attended Pfeiffer University studying business and sports management. He worked for ten (10) years in the hospitality industry. He has been able to hone the Customer Service skills learned in his previous careers to build an outstanding team at Invisacook. 
Ryan Ceballos has been the Director of Operations at Invisacook since our inception in 2018 and has collaborated directly with the company founders in developing the processes and procedures in place for the assembly, manufacturing, testing, and shipping of our InvisaCook units.
As Director of Operations, Ryan Ceballos leads the unit responsible for the assembly and manufacturing of our InvisaCook units. Ryan also leads the crew responsible for the testing of our products to ensure all units leaving our warehouse meet or exceed our strict quality standards.
Ryan Ceballos, along with our warehouse supervisor, is currently evolving our inventory processes to include partnering with a software company capable of meeting the needs of our planned growth.
At InvisaCook, we are giving back to our community and have implemented a program to have special needs kids from our local High School Trails Program and other transitional special needs adults, to work at our facility two (2) days out of the week for two (2) hours, providing them with life skills and the opportunity to stay on as an employee. Ryan Ceballos has successfully and personally worked with and trained our first InvisaCook hire, from this program.
Amount Raised : $128,353
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