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March 26, 2022
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June 23, 2022
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Brand3D is a SaaS-based, no-code, 3D asset production and publishing platform that allows businesses to capture, create, and publish 3D content for web, mobile, AR, VR, and the Metaverse. The Brand3D SaaS platform has been on the global market for over 10 years and supports a myriad of different file formats, technologies, devices, and web browsers, uniquely positioning us to support the demands and growth of the greater digital marketplace in the coming years.


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$333+ Investment
$333+ | The 3D starter package
Get a free webinar on how to create your own private Metaverse and get free hosting of 3 3D models on our site for 3 years. Get a 10% discount on all our products and services.

$1,000+ Investment
$1000+ | Your Personal 3D Experience
Get your own Metaverse site and host your 3D models with a massive 50Gb storage quota on our SaaS platform. Get a 15% discount on all our products and services.

$2,500+ Investment
$2,500+ | Your Professional 3D Experience
Get 10% bonus shares and your 3D Experience ready for business use and upgraded to 250Gb storage space. Get 20% discount on all our products and services.

$5,000+ Investment
$5,000+ | The Ultimate Metaverse
Get 15% bonus shares, your very own Customized Professional 3D Experience (we will work with you to get it just right!) and previous perks upgraded to 1000Gb storage. Get a 25% discount on all our products and services.

$10,000+ Investment
$10,000+ | The Complete Metaverse
Get 20% bonus shares + Ultimate 3D Experience package + Join our team of advisors in monthly meetings to help us shape the future of the company + Join the founder team for a one-on-one dinner + Get a 30% discount on all our products and services.

Key Deal Facts

The 3D market is heating up—in 2020, the global 3D mapping and modeling market was estimated at US$3.8B, and is expected to grow to $7.6B by 2025.*

We believe Brand3D is uniquely positioned to drive growth in 3D content for the Metaverse; our platform IP includes the most optimized mobile technology for 3D viewing, a must-have to scale to the rapidly growing mobile 3D market.

Our business grew 3x from 2020-21, fueled by both SaaS revenue as well as growth in our B2B business, which will offer us a more sustainable growth trajectory.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Paulius L

Head of 3D

Paulius spearheads our 3D department with a very hands-on approach. Based on his extensive career with some of the leading digital agencies his skills span from advanced 3D content creation to tool suite automation and large scale media production. He is leading our multi-national 3D team by example with a keen eye on quality and a seniority that allows him to never loose perspective in his work.
Amount Raised : $110,531
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