Powering The World With Light

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Common Stock
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March 29, 2022
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March 27, 2023
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Using advanced energy transfer technology to power heavy-duty industrial automation. Our vision is to power modern civilization with light, dramatically altering the future of energy technologies across the industrialized world.


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Key Deal Facts

Amazon: Currently negotiating robotics project with Amazon

Revenue: Generated hundreds of thousands in revenue to date

DARPA: Awarded 2022 Phase I contract for advanced air-to-air laser power transmission technology

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

William Diggins


William Diggins is a founding member of Nimbus Engineering, Inc. Mr. Diggins studied business at Western Illinois University and brought with him several years of management and consulting experience. Prior to Nimbus, Mr. Diggins worked to identify areas in which his clients could cut costs and increase profits through specialized optimization exercises, helping them save $2-$5M on average over a 12-month period of performance.

Alexander Diggins


Alexander Diggins is a founding member of Nimbus Engineering, Inc. Mr. Diggins is a highly skilled inventor with a background in theoretical and applied physics from Perdue University. He has managed a variety of technically challenging projects, including, but not limited to, the design and manufacturing of the Wireless Power Relay™ along with several standalone energy storage system prototypes throughout his 5+ years at Nimbus Engineering. Mr. Diggins is the author of several patents, 3 of which have been granted by the US PTO. 

Matt Jerrild


Matt Jerrild is a founding member of Nimbus Engineering, Inc. Mr. Jerrild studied Economics at the University of Connecticut and most recently held the position of Assistant Controller at small media company in Westport, CT before joining Nimbus Engineering in 2017 as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Jerrild managed an annual budget of $16M before joining Nimbus and has managed an additional $2M since signing on. 

Professor Jennifer Dionne


Jennifer Dionne is an associate professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford. Jen received her Ph. D. in Applied Physics at the California Institute of Technology, advised by Harry Atwater, and B.S. degrees in Physics and Systems & Electrical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to joining Stanford, she served as a postdoctoral researcher in Chemistry at Berkeley, advised by Paul Alivisatos. Jen’s research develops new optical materials and microscopies to observe chemical and biological processes as they unfold with nanometer scale resolution. She then uses these observations to help improve energy-relevant processes (such as photocatalysis and energy storage) and medical diagnostics and therapeutics.

Professor Krishna Saraswat


Professor Saraswat is working on a variety of problems related to new and innovative materials, structures, and process technology of silicon, germanium and III-V devices and interconnects for VLSI and nanoelectronics. Areas of his current interest: new device structures to continue scaling MOS transistors, DRAMs and flash memories to nanometer regime, 3-dimentional ICs with multiple layers of heterogeneous devices, metal and optical interconnections and high efficiency and low-cost solar cells.

Professor Jonathan Fan


Jonathan was born in Columbus, Ohio. He received his BSE degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University in 2004 with highest honors and his PhD in Applied Physics from Harvard University in 2010 under the supervision of Professor Federico Capasso. He is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Director of the FTF Lab in the Stanford Nanofabrication Laboratory.

William Frederick Diggins Sr.


Bill Diggins has had a successful, international career in management consulting, media production, and executive management. He worked in consulting and executive capacities with firms that included the Alexander Proudfoot Company, Institute of Management Resources, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He provided services that involved systems integration, organizational development, and strategic planning, to achieve substantial savings for a wide variety of clients, including Tektronix, Nissan, Semiconductor Systems, Schlumberger, and the Los Angeles Times. While with the Alexander Proudfoot Company, Mr. Diggins led an international division of more than 150 consultants in Europe, Asia, and South America. Bill has also been the primary financial resource pushing this technology forward.
Amount Raised : $681,364
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