Solving Botulinum Toxin Treatment Complications

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Highland Park, IL
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June 29, 2022
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DelNova is solving unmet medical needs using known drugs in combination with drug delivery expertise and technologies.
We are currently looking to solve the undesirable side-effects from Botulinum toxin type-A [BoNT] injections, commonly used to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles [e.g. BotoxⓇ] as well as for medical conditions such as migraine and other serious muscle disorders. ReViVox™, which is currently in development, is among the first solutions for [BoNT] complications. Our team has extensive experience in the science and pharma & biotech industries. CEO and Founder Mary Gardner has held leadership positions at Hospira, a Pfizer company and Lawson Health Research Institute.


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Key Deal Facts

Growing Market: Over $4.83 billion market for Botulinum Toxin in 2019, such as BOTOX®. Procedures have been approved in over 95 countries, and there were 7.7 million cosmetic procedures in 2019 in the U.S. alone.*

Rising Need: There is an estimated growth rate in Botulinum Toxin of 7.5 % per year, but the side effects of this neurotoxin are projected to hamper the global market growth* in future years.

Validation: Our product candidate is backed by pharma industry executives. DelNova has a unique patent protected position based on active pharmaceutical ingredients already approved for use globally for different medical conditions. As a virtual operation using best-in-class science and drug development institutions, we are able to maintain low overhead costs.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Daniel Bradbury

Board Director

35+ years pharma industry experience 
Previously President / CEO of Amylin Pharmaceuticals (acquired by BMS)
Serves on multiple Boards of public and private companies
CEO of Equillium BIO
Lead Investor, BioBrit LLC
Mr. Bradbury's primary occupation is with Equillium, Inc. He works 1 hour per week in his role at DelNova, Inc.

Edward Ogunro

Board Director

25+ years product development and management experience in healthcare industry
Previously SVP & CSO of Hospira (acquired by Pfizer)
Prior to Hospira, spent 22 years at Abbott Diagnostics
Mr. Ogunro's primary occupation is with Ogunro Consulting. He works 1 hour per week in his role at DelNova, Inc.

Sameer Shah, PhD.

Chief Scientist

Expert in the function,, dysfunction and repair of nervous and muscular systems
Associate Professor, UCSD
NIH/NRSA postdoctoral fellowship in neurobiology at UCSD Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
NSF Graduate Fellow, Ph.D. in Bioengineering, UCSD, undergraduate engineering from MIT

Dr. Steve Yoelin

Chief Medical Strategist

• Board-certified ophthalmologist based in Newport Beach, CA, with 20 years of minimally invasive medical aesthetics experience
• Leading practitioner, researcher, and trainer of neurotoxins, dermal fillers, and other medical aesthetic products in the United States
• Strategic advisor to multibillion-dollar industry leaders
• Investigator in dozens of Phase 1 - 4 trials and holder of several medical aesthetics patents
• Operator of medical aesthetics private practice with a multi-year waitlist
• Trainer in 2,000+ industry-sponsored programs and hundreds of CME (continuing medical education) programs

Dimas Jimenez

Chief Financial Advisor

20+ years Wall Street and pharma finance experience 
Prior CFO and finance experience at StemoniX, Orphagen Pharmaceuticals, Spinal Modulation, Pearl Therapeutics
Portfolio manager at JP Morgan
Amount Raised : $2,932
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