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Claiming the Abandoned Third Place with Community Cafes & Superior Coffee...

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Food & Bev
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April 03, 2022
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July 29, 2022
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As big chain coffee brands shift to drive-thru and COVID contributes to the demise of so many independents, Greenberry’s claims the community cafe space, supported by international retail distribution of today’s best coffee drinks.


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$242+ Investment
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Tier 5 – $4,994
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Invitation to a Private Tour of New Facility with the Founders

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Roaster and Brewer for a Day Experience

$19,998+ Investment
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Greenberry’s Experience in the restaurant, winery, and brewery capital of the US – 2-night stay in Charlottesville, Roast and Brew for a Day with the owners followed by local food, wine, and brewery excursions.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Michael Sean Simmons

Director & CEO

Sean is the vision behind the Greenberry’s empire. Originally founded in 1992 with a small roaster and a modest storefront, Sean and his wife Roxanne have grown the brand into a multi-channel, vertically integrated international success. Sean has a BA in Economics from the University of Boulder in Colorado. Prior to starting Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters he worked for Unisys for three years then moved on to owning and managing Subway franchises in Pennsylvania for eight years. A seasoned entrepreneur, Sean says he is just hitting his prime at the helm of Greenberry's!

Oksana Simmons

Director and CFO

Roxanne is the brains behind the Greenberry’s empire. She has a BA in Economics from the University of Boulder in Colorado. Prior to starting Greenberry’s, she worked in health insurance sales for four years. In 1992, Roxanne and her husband, Sean started Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters and Greenberry’s Coffee Co. with the opening of their first store. With her love of numbers and attention to detail, Roxanne serves as CFO for Greenberry’s.

Julia Jachowicz

VP of Retail & Franchising

Julia drives everything at Greenberry's! She heads up all of our company owned cafes, and is the primary liaison with all of our franchises. Julia is spearheading our expansion strategies with new cafes and franchises in the coming years. Her broad experience and array of skills are the glue that keeps the Greenberry's team on track and on target! 

Jon Copper

VP of Marketing

Jon is an experienced marketer and leader who serves as the VP of Marketing for Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters. His experience includes VP of marketing for a $10m+ non-profit, where he reshaped the marketing efforts, helping lead the 25-year-old organization to its best year, quarter, and month of revenues in their history. As the head of his own agency for 5 years, he designed and executed successful national and international campaigns in the beverage, startup, tech, gaming, and supplement industries. With his experience in developing unique strategies and creative plans, Jon ensures Greenberry's is front and center with consumers.

RJ Smith

Head Brewer

RJ, our Head Brewer (or Cold Brew Master) has been with the team since the launch of our canned Nitro Cold Brew lines. Cross-trained and well-rounded, RJ has vast experience in every single area of bringing Nitro to fruition including roasting, mixing, grinding, bagging, steeping, pumping, filtering, pasteurizing and canning, as well as inventory, product quality control, logistics and working with distributors. RJ’s innovative side is also a big plus for us with his love of creating new flavors!

Jacob Pavlansky

Master Roaster

Jacob has been with Greenberry’s Coffee Roasters for six years. A true coffee enthusiast, Jacob first started at Greenberry’s as a barista at our flagship store and later was offered the opportunity to join the roasters team. Jacob holds a deep appreciation for coffee and is dedicated to perfecting every roast. His attention to detail is unmatched which shows in every cup of coffee. With his roasting prowess, he brings the true craft coffee flavor to every can of Nitro!

Rick Lasocki

Director of Operations

Rick has many functions here at Greenberry's Coffee Roasters. He is the supervisor of our warehouse, production department, cold brew team, and maintenance. Rick previously owned and operated two successful businesses in the fabrication/engineering industry and in auto body. Rick can design and fix anything around headquarters. To top off his ability to do just about anything, his very calm demeanor makes Greenberry’s all the more welcoming!


Nitro Mascot

Loveable, huggable, and humble – Mocha is just the best! 🐾
Amount Raised : $137,872
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