Waldscraft is seeking investment
to open our first retail establishment. After a year of growth from a home kitchen, Waldscraft is set to open "Madrona Rise" our first retail establishment in a renown location in downtown Mill Valley, CA.

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Revenue Sharing
Food & Bev
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May 06, 2022
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July 1st, 2028
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Company Description

To create a community gathering spot to enjoy our unique breads, baked goods and expanding foods and drinks menu. To reflect the community-oriented spirit of Mill Valley in our environment and our service.

Key Deal Facts

To create a community gathering spot to enjoy our unique breads, baked goods and expanding foods and drinks menu. To reflect the community-oriented spirit of Mill Valley in our environment and our service.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Stacey Waldspurger
Stacey's career began in creative marketing. She worked for retail brands like Coach, Inc in NYC and The Body Shop Intl in London before moving to Marin County CA. Stacey attended business school at Presidio Graduate School where she focused on sustainable business models that could contribute to society and enrich our communities.

Stacey has focused on food systems since graduate school. She founded one of the first meal kit companies, Tomato Sherpa and she has led business development for food and health tech businesses.

Stacey's primary strengths are in market assessment, brand and business development, and team building. Her secondary strengths are in galette shaping and sourdough bread scoring.

When she is not birthing a bakery in her home kitchen and moving it into a prime retail space, she is jumping on a trampoline with her two boys, or trail-running with her sweet dog.

Justine Brown
Pastry Chef
Justine, a pastry chef accomplished in Viennoiserie, has spent time refining her craft across the country. Justine is obsessed with whole grains and thoughtfully crafting recipes to be more nutritious and ethical. Justine is adding creative vegan items to our menu as well as thoughtfully expanding our sourdough bread program.

Caitlin Hubel
Pastry Chef
Caitlin is a stalwart figure in the fine food service of Mill Valley. While always busy refining and exploring (and foraging!) seasonal foods, she began her professional journey at Molina Restaurant. She has held the role of Pastry Chef at Watershed Restaurant as well. Caitlin has spent the last year working with Stacey to refine and expand the Waldscraft product line and is helping to innovate the fresh menu alongside Stacey and Justine.

Wilmar Huinac
Sous Chef
Wilmar has over 15 years professional kitchen experience. Most recently he has honed his baking skills for Watershed Restaurant and at the previous Bootjack bakery. Wilmar is a master of oven management, kitchen systems, line cooking and prep. We are lucky to have him on the Waldscraft team as of May 1.
Amount Raised : $92,300
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