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🩺 Mindwell Labs

🩺 Mindwell Labs

Track and manage your anxiety in real-time

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Technology, Software, B2C, Sports and Fitness, Artificial Intelligence, Health & Fitness
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Key Deal Facts

🏆 World-class team with a proven track record (4 exits/3 IPOs; 10-yr IP)
🩺 Assessed >200,000 hours of our members' mental health; analyzed >2.7M health data points
🔥 24% free-to-paid conversion of AQ™, our consumer app (industry average: 1%-2%)
⌚ Proprietary, patent-pending technology backed by research from leading global scientists
🎯 80 countries represented in our global metric for mental health
📈 Disrupting a very large & fast growing digital mental wellness market (930Bn by 2030)
🔑 Democratizing access to high-quality and affordable mental healthcare that works
💵 Investors: ex-Vice Chair/CMO, GE; ex-CEO, AOL; CEO, McDonald Pelz; ex-Chairman, British Telecom

Security Description

A CAFES (Contract and Future Equity Stake) can convert into different types of equity upon a Triggering Event, such as: common or preferred stock for a corporation, limited partnership interest for a limited partnership and membership interest for a limited liability company. At the time of the Triggering Event, the specific rights and limitations associated with the equity stake being issued to the investors will be determined and disclosed by the Entrepreneur.

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