Beeotto LLC

1st subscription-based digital ad agency exclusively for Main Street Merchants.

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Financial Services, Technology, Community & Lifestyle
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North Haven, CT
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April 30, 2023
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Key Deal Facts

Investor's share in Company is NON-dilutive to future capital raises.
Market Disrupter in the Small Business Digital Marketing Arena centered on TV & Streaming platforms.
A streamlined concept that's entirely new- 3 subscription levels plug and play, no learning curve.
Management’s wealth of experience operating a similar business valued at $18.8M after only 1 year.
Recurring revenue model with rapid expansion, and cashflow from day one.
Objective to build a nationwide community Beeotto's Family of Small Businesses a new American brand.
Deep market: more than 32 million small businesses across the Country, and growing.
Digital assets including TV ads at an unmatched cost & broadcast frequency that rivals competitors.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Robert Errato Managing Partner CEOFounder of BThrifty valued in 2009 at $18.8M the beta for Beeotto. Founder of a successful real estate firm, developer of many commercial real estate projects. 1996 built/owned/operated a 5,000 seat theatre in CT sold to SFX in 1998 in excess of $12M, Steve Errato Vice President Creative DirectorOwner of SRE Production Group, LLC a full service audio/video production Company. Produced video & audio projects for hundreds of clients including Conde Nast, Vera Wang, Skippy, Klondike, Degree, Frontier Communications, Wells Fargo, to name a few., Bobby Costanzo COO General Operations & Sales Top Acct-Rep and provided art & design services to clients at BThrifty, the beta for Beeotto. Co-founder of a successful hospitality firm, design/own/operate two successful full service restaurants in 1977; sold 2003. Now consultant for small biz., Robert A Errato Vice President Video Trafficking & Production -Owner of Impact Video Production, LLC. Is a seasoned videographer and video editor, working with companies of all sizes, from single-ownerships to Fortune 500's. Rob will oversee & coordinate placement of videos into each digital media platform., Beau Segal Vice President Branding & Marketing Beau was Bob’s partner in building the Oakdale Theatre. COO, and in charge of artist relations, negotiating deals & settlements; prior to which he was a touring musician, playing with a broad range of major artists ie: Judy Collins, Warren Zevon.
Amount Raised : $129,851
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