Beeotto LLC

Beeotto LLC

1st subscription-based digital ad agency exclusively for Main Street Merchants.

Security Type
Main Street, Software, Marketplace, Sharing economy, B2B
Min Investment
North Haven, CT
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2023
Amount Raised
Target Raise
Security Price

Key Deal Facts

Investor's share in Company is NON-dilutive to future capital raises.
Market Disrupter in the Small Business Digital Marketing Arena centered on TV & Streaming platforms.
A streamlined concept that's entirely new- 3 subscription levels plug and play, no learning curve.
Management’s wealth of experience operating a similar business valued at $18.8M after only 1 year.
Recurring revenue model with rapid expansion, and cashflow from day one.
Objective to build a nationwide community Beeotto's Family of Small Businesses a new American brand.
Deep market: more than 32 million small businesses across the Country, and growing.
Digital assets including TV ads at an unmatched cost & broadcast frequency that rivals competitors.

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