The Bearded Baking Company

Wes is opening The Bearded Baking Company's first storefront!

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Austin , TX
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The majority of The Bearded Baking Company's offerings are based off of Wes's family and community recipes from back home in North Carolina. Wes's mom is from the coast and his dad is from the mountains of North Carolina. The combination of these two regions create the perfect recipe for hospitality and great food. Everything that The Bearded Baking Company offers has a story behind it, or a purpose. Folks from all walks of life enjoy our products. The younger generations go nuts for our thick mounded cookies in bold flavor combinations while the older communities love our old fashioned layer cakes and pies. Our business model is simple, we want to create a space where our community can come to obtain products of outstanding quality at obtainable price points. The Bearded Baking Company wants to be the go to source for all sweet needs. Whether its in times of sadness or celebration, we want to be a part of it.

Key Deal Facts

Investment perks available!, The first five investors will recieve a free dozen cookies!, Invest $3,000 and receive a complimentary Sweet Side Board, feeding up to 25 people! (Out of market investors will receive equal value in online orders)., Invest $5,000 and receive an in-house baking class with Wes! (For investors in Central Texas).

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