Uruk Project Management

Uruk Project Management

Enable organizations to reduce project failures & optimize performance!

Security Type
Convertible Note
Software, Technology, Services, B2B, SaaS
Min Investment
Houston, TX
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2023
Amount Raised
Target Raise
No. Investors
Security Price

Key Deal Facts

Uruk facilitates product delivery & benefits realization, possibly generating 20%+ in savings.
The platform is ready for use by early adopters; we have about 60+ users exploring the platform.
Uruk Founders has more than 100 years of project leadership & worked on projects worth >$5 billion.
Founders are project management thought leaders, building a pioneering PM digital solution.
Uruk Platform would save organizations significant time & money in getting their product to market.
Uruk offers teams, management, and community collaboration leading to informed decision making.
Uruk enables real-time performance tracking and facilitates performance optimization.
Uruk is built with experience, backed by expertise, and nurtured by passion.

Security Description

A convertible security is a security that can be converted into another security, typically equity in the next round of financing.

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