Turnkey digital marketing and data collection platforms for the underserved media lifestyle markets, with an initial focus on WeedTV — a content streaming platform for cannabis enthusiasts.

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Common Stock
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Las Vegas, NV
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May 06, 2022
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April 26, 2024
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SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANIES MAKE MONEY OFF YOUR HARD WORK AND YOUR NETWORK.CMN DOES THE OPPOSITE.CMN rewards you to help you make the profit you deserve, off data collected by your network.With this being a common occurrence, CMN was created — a technology company with the goal of creating turnkey digital marketing and data collection platforms for the underserved media lifestyle markets. Its first platform, WeedTV, is a content streaming platform to entertain cannabis enthusiasts and help businesses grow. CMN offers innovative technologies using the latest learning tools to build better real world scenarios. We use AI to focus on input computation and activations. 

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Mark Bradley
Mark Bradley is a visionary who throughout his career focused on the development of New Media Digital Lifestyle Channels, Technology, and Content Development. A pioneer of digital distribution, he guided PNTV’s growth from a Las Vegas In-Room gaming channel, “Player’s Network” to “Vegas On Demand” the first ever video on demand National Cable Network distributed in 104 million homes. Mark assisted Google Video as it 3rd content partner to launch short form content years before YouTube existed as well as Mark launched Vegas On Demand as one of the first 50 channels to help launch the first Over The Top (OTT) Television platform HULU.

Michael Berk 
President of Programming
Michael Berk Created and Executive Produced Baywatch, the Guinness Book of World Records “Most watched television series in history” and produced the Baywatch Movie for Paramount starring Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron. Michael co-created the Las Vegas International Film Festival CineVegas, and the Vegas On Demand VOD Channel on Comcast and other cable systems. Michael wrote the feature film Soul Surfer that received an “A+” Cinema score, won the Movie Guide Award as most inspirational movie of the year, and became the highest grossing surf movie of all time. Over his extensive film and television career, Michael Berk’s diverse roster of credits have garnered multiple Emmy Awards.

Tony Caporicci
Chief Technology Scientist
Tony Caporicci is innovating the CMN AI technology to make the inference from data collected occurring from the viewing and transacting of the applications, applicable to Cannabis. His team has written software and applied common tools and enhanced these models to complement Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Federated Learning as it pertains and applies to creating algorithms for Cannabis Interests, Cultivation and Use.
Amount Raised : $15,158
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