Red Flags Brewing Company

Red Flags Brewing is expanding distribution in Texas & Tennessee!

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Food and Bev
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June 27, 2022
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No. Investors
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Company Description

Red Flags Brewing is a new brewery coming to Seguin, TX. The business was founded by a mother and son duo, JoAnn and Kadin. They were inspired to start Red Flags while catching up over a beer at their favorite local bar. A chat with the bartender got them musing the idea of creating a drink that a bartender could serve as a "Red Flag" signal to any patron. Say, if a bartender wanted to warn a customer that someone they were speaking with at the bar was bad news, they could serve a specific beer. With that, Red Flags Brewing Company was born. The business hopes to embody both safety and humor, creating a sense of community for its customers. Red Flags Brewing currently distributes in Texas.

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