Prolific Brewing Company

Prolific Brewing Company

Family, friends, perfect atmosphere, and beer. What more do you need?

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Entertainment, Alcohol, Food and Bev, Female Founder, Hospitality, Alcohol & Vice, Brick & Mortar
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Murrieta, CA
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October 28, 2023
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Key Deal Facts

Award-Winning product
Our Hands Full IPA Won 1st Place America's Finest City Homebrew Competition
Our Hands Full IPA took 2nd Place California State Homebrew Competition
7 Years of brewing experience, 8 Years of manufacturing experience
2000+ social media followers within a year of launch, plus multiple collaborations within community
A growing craft brewery industry in California with 840+ breweries
8900+ Breweries Nationally

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Evan Kadow Co-Founder / Chief Brewing OfficerHead of manufacturing/production for Automotive OEM 6 years. Increased production throughput by 130% and quality by 70% while reducing overall time to produce.
Gold medal winning IPA in the San Diego Region and Red Ribbon Winner in CA State., Eric Bovich Co-Founder / Chief Revenue OfficerLaunched new branded platforms with 12 companies. (AAV $2,000,000 ea)
Worked with C-suite of INC 500 companies to develop new and innovative products for their companies.
Sales Manager for over 10 years, Aubrey Kadow Co-Founder / Director of Marketing, Tyler Bovich Co-Founder / Director of Hospitallity
Amount Raised : $94,055
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