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Azure Ravens Entertainment

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Software, Technology, Entertainment, App, Games
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Saline, MI
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2023
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Key Deal Facts

💰 Tapping into a Role-Playing Game market, expected to reach $120 billion by 2026
📈 Developing a spiritual successor to Harvest Moon & Fantasy Life franchises generating $100M+ Rev
🚀 Profit potential of $100 million over five years (not guaranteed)
🤓Access to 100s of gaming experts & large studios through connections with IGDA
🦸Founded by an adjunct professor at Kettering University
👨‍🏫 Advisors were formerly part of the design in Microsoft and Facebook
💸 A Midwest team with access to talent at a lower cost. Fewer COGS mean more Margins for investors

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Corbin Reeves Founder & Creative DirectorGame Designer, Design Instructor at Eastern Michigan University & Kettering University, Co-Organizer for the IGDA Ann Arbor supporting Michigan Game Studios, Matthew Stone AdvisorMatthew is a renowned game designer who has worked for Microsoft, 343 Industries, Digital Extremes, and ZeniMax Online. Matthew has played an integral role as a designer and producer on Halo, Elder Scrolls Online, Warframe, and more., Erik Avalos AdvisorErik has nearly 20 years' experience in game design and production, shipping multiple AAA titles for Gearbox Software and 343 Industries. He believes in fostering responsible, sustainable game development through efficient and actionable design., Jordan Ajlouni AdvisorJordan has worked on and successfully shipped multiple AAA games, gaining most of his experience at Deep Silver Volition as a Lead Game Designer. He has experience leading teams and offering direction of creative projects, enabling teams success., Austin Yarger AdvisorAustin has worked as a Software Engineer for major players in the game industry, from Electronic Arts (EA) to Facebook. Currently, he is a Professor at the University of Michigan with his student securing jobs across the industry., Amelia Reeves 3D Artist & AnimatorAmelia has trained as an animator under animation directors from Blizzard, Industrial Light and Magic, and Pixar., Connor Thompson Gameplay ProgrammerConnor has shipped over half a dozen projects as the primary software engineer for Azure Ravens. He has been a critical part of our production team and client relations., Owen West 3D ArtistOwen has supported us on multiple large-scale 3D productions. From VR to Virtual Production., Alex Sweeney 3D ArtistAlex has supported us on multiple large-scale 3D productions. From VR to Virtual Production., Jacob Avery Gameplay Programing InternIn Jacobs's time with us, he has worked on 4 separate client projects supporting critical systems., Jocelyn Palmer Composer Jocelyn has created dozens of tracks for both our clients and personal projects., Abigail Neminski 2D Artist In Abigail's time with us, she has created full graphic overhauls for 5 client projects and completed art for a full independent card game., Brandon Clay 2D ArtistBrandon has worked with us over the last 3 years as a concept artist and now a 2D artist supporting various projects with his skill set., Harper James 3D Art and Character Art InternHarper has worked with our art lead and character concept artist to bring characters to life., Damian Verellen Jr Gameplay Programming InternIn Damian's time with us, he has worked on 3 separate client projects supporting critical systems.
Amount Raised : $62,101
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