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March 14, 2023
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April 30, 2023
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Company Description

Stickybones, Inc. is a toy and animation-tech company founded by animators on the cusp of defining a new breed of poseable smart toys that bridge the gap between tactile play and extended reality experiences. Our products are available for sale on our website, Amazon, and through wholesale distributors.

Key Deal Facts

Our multi-patented joint system and upcoming AI-powered pose-capture software link our growing line of poseable figures to the metaverse, paving the way for entertainment that unites physical and digital play.

We have nearly doubled our sales in the past year as we disrupt multiple major markets, including the $106.46 billion global education technology industry and the $10.11 billion global smart toys industry.*

We began our journey on Indiegogo, where we ultimately raised $1,026,762, surpassing our funding goal by 11,080%.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

, Erik BakerCEO & Chief DesignerDuring Erik Baker's career as a Character Animator, working on feature films such as TRON: Legacy, Transformers 2 & 4, Rio 2, Real Steel, he collaborated within a large team of artists, technicians, and engineers. It was during this time, he saw a need for a solution to express visual ideas faster and more playfully. Driven to empower artists and toy enthusiasts with high-quality products that ignite the imagination, Erik designed and engineered our first product—the ultra-poseable figure that helps artists, animators, and toy enthusiasts realize their ideas and tell their stories quicker than ever before.

Inspired by Stickybones' amazing community, and everyone's enthusiasm for Stickybones' line of poseable figures and accessories, Erik is "ridiculously excited" to expand their line of products, and add a whole lot of magic and play into the world!
Lauren BakerCo-Founder & Chief Branding OfficerLauren Wells Baker is one of the two original Stickybones Cofounders. Since its founding and to this day she is intimately involved in the multifaceted daily operations of the company. Prior, she had worked for years in the fast-paced, intense and highly competitive feature film animation world. She's worked at numerous world-class studios and contributed animated performances in a variety of styles ranging from highly-realistic, scary creatures to zippy, cute, and cartoony Rio birds to (her favorite) the groundbreaking style of the Peanuts Movie. When Erik pitched her the idea for Stickybones, she was IMMEDIATELY on board, knowing first hand the need for such a tool in the art world. She joined Stickybones full-time once the prototype was ready and helped plan for and launch the Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the manufacturing of this product she fully believes in.
Amount Raised : $66,210
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