Good Girls Bread and Beverage

Good Girls Bread and Beverage

Good Girls Bread and Beverage is seeking investment
to open our funky, bakery-to-pub cafe and hangout in up-and-coming Phoenixville, PA.

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August 27, 2022
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December 31st, 2028
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Company Description

We are creating the city bakery and bar experience in the suburbs in a way that
no existing Phoenixville pub has yet done: infusing freshness and innovation into
that friendly, warm, “I-know-a-great-spot” feeling. Our streamlined bakery-to-pub
concept ensures day time and nighttime sales. Above all, we offer inticing bread, carefully-crafted bites, inventive drinks, and a charming, funky atmosphere.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Sarah Holland
Owner, Chef
Sarah Holland is an experienced baker, chef and industry professional. Her love of baking prompted her to study and graduate from The Restaurant School of Walnut Hill College with a degree in the science of pastry arts (2010).

Her journey is driven by science and its relationship with food. Her ambition to succeed pushed her to evolve and learn different approaches to cuisine. Utilizing the scientific approach, Sarah’s dishes stand tall among the rest with bright flavors. She takes pride in using cooking and baking to create memories and experiences in her audiences.

Sarah’s career has informed her knowledge and experience stretching from food truck management, to French pastry, to cheffing at a Mexican restaurant and everything in between!

Her appetite for her craft is on the rise, just like her bread!

Maddie Rumpf
Owner, Hospitality Expert
Since childhood, food has been Maddie’s favorite way
to show care to others. As a youngster, she cooked for others constantly and dreaming up restaurant concepts was a favorite pastime. Since then, she has worked for over 12 years in a variety of restaurants in Pennsylvania and in Chicago where she learned about different ways to balance cuisine and atmosphere to make something special.

Although Maddie loves to invent new dishes, her professional expertise is in managing front- of-house. She is currently the bar manager of a Mexican fusion restaurant in Exton. She creates cocktails, crunches the numbers, pairs food and beverage, helps plan events, and mentors the staff in providing excellent service. Her drive to care for others through food informs her approach to both customer service and employee management.

She believes that food, drinks, ambiance and service should be playful and exciting, and that a humble concept can push boundaries and have guests hungry for more.
Amount Raised : $35,500
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