SharedChain is an innovative, Internet-like e-commerce & fulfillment meta-platform for the entire supply chain process.

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Common Stock
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Cerritos, CA
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June 21, 2022
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August 22, 2022
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Company Description

SharedChain was founded to realize a better world through systematic changes in the whole market system. Saving the world economy is no idle boast, nor lofty goal.Reinventing Global E-commerce and Supply ChainSharedChain is a patented, local market-based, e-commerce and fulfillment platform with an efficient and fast physical fulfillment infrastructure. Focusing on the whole supply chain and stakeholders in the real market, it is an internet-like meta-platform; efficient, fast, fair, ubiquitous, and easy-to-use. Stakeholders include: manufacturers, suppliers, producers, service providers, national retailers, local retailers, end-customers, etc.We believe SharedChain has the opportunity to become a predominant solution for managing real-world supply chains and disrupt the real (physical) market just as the Internet did in information 25 years ago.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Founder, Visionary & CEO
Serial International Entrepreneur, Contributor to CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly & to Huffington Post, recognized as the original developer of 3D Supply Chain Process System which is the base concept of SharedChain, founded and operated two manufacturing companies, one in Korea and one in China, MBA from University of Buffalo, New York.

Co-founder, Strategy & Finance
25+ years of C-suite level Transportation and Logistics expertise with 30+ years in financial stewardship and M&A, visionary, pro-growth & transformational leader known in the North American 3PL and Non-Asset Industry, educated as a CPA from the US, CA from India and Executive MBA from Queen's University in Canada.

Information Technology, CTO
20+ years of experience in software development for many kinds of projects, CTO of Saguna Consulting, worked with HCL Technologies, Ex-Senior Information Technology Consultant at AirySoft Inc, Master’s degree in computer science from Andhra University, India.
Amount Raised : $6,581
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