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Plover Animation creates animated content for Web3.0 virtual worlds, NFTs, and the next generation of films. The company is made up of 20+ artists, animators, writers, and producers whose previous body of work includes a collective 110+ projects, grossing $8.2 billion worldwide. Plover is pre-revenue but gaining traction with developing partnerships in the Metaverse industry.


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Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Andrew Wilson

2D Animation Consultant

Andrew has over 20 years of experience working in Animation. He started his career off as a traditional animator using an Animation Disc, Acme punched paper, andflipping 3 sheets of paper as he drew. He has been fortunate to have worked on classic Hanna Barbera, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Disney characters in hiscareer.
He has worked on animated commercials, TV shows, and have spent many years working in the gaming industry on both children's educational titles and consolegames for Sony PlayStation. He has experience in both 2D and 3D but his passion is 2D animation.
He has experience with animation, storyboarding, character design, and managing creative teams. He looks forward to being a part of this newly developed creative team to bring new stories and creative visions to life through animation.

Nathalia Lemotte

Senior 3D Consultant

Nathalia loves what she does. She loves to to grow, learn, be challenged. She believes that at the end of the day it does not matter on what kind of a project you workon, big or small team. It matters that you where passionate about it. That you believed in your project, inspired by the vision and by people who feel alike.
She has been working in the animation industry for 10+ years and has gathered experience in the field of TV shows and commercial, games and a little feature.

Jason Kruse

Character Designer & Storyboard Consultant

Jason Kruse is an animation industry veteran with over 20 years of experience working in everything from film to television to comic books. Currently, he is illustrating for Sketchy, LLC, creating cartoons to help medical students in their studies. Prior to that, he worked as a Character Designer and Concept Artist on an upcoming, unannounced “Lego” television series with Pure Imagination studios. He also worked on various other television properties including “Muppet Babies”, “Duncanville”, and “Chicago Party Aunt”. 
Jason is also experienced in the NFT art space. He illustrated and did art direction on various designs and environments for a lineup of NFTs utilizing environmentally friendly practices for He created designs and accessories for a line up of NFTs for Echo Bridge. He also illustrated a number of characters for “CryptoKitties” from Dapper Labs.
He also worked on such game titles as “Dino Life”, "Animal Jam", and “Ratatouille” for Gameboy Advance as well as its sequel, “Ratatouille: Food Frenzy”. In addition, he has worked as an animator and storyboard artist on such films as “Fast Five”, “Stuart Little”, “Cats and Dogs” and “The Barnyard”.
In the comic book world, he is an Eisner Award, Harvey Award and Comics Buyers Guide Award-nominated illustrator on such published titles as “Scratch9”, “The World of Quest” and “Batman: Arctic Attack”. “The World of Quest” was also adapted for television and aired in the Spring of 2007 on the Kid's WB and continued to air for a second season internationally.

Joseph Goldsmith

Audio Consultant

Joseph Goldsmith is the composer and audio engineer at Plover Animation. Alongside his university degrees and professional accolades, Joseph is a full time dad, husband, soldier, and was fortunate to be a GRAMMY-Nominated music educator. In his military service, he handles the public affairs and marketing for the 3rd Battalion of the South Carolina State Guard.  
Through his 12 year tenure as a middle and high school choir director, world music/ethnomusicology and multimedia teacher, Joseph gained much insight into the life of children and adolescents. Now at home, his young children continue to unveil their own spin on life and remind him of his own childhood all of which culminates into a perpetual state of wonder for stories; and the telling of them. 
With much anticipation and excitement, Joseph is optimistic about his future with Plover Animation, the creative team, and the stories to be shared with the world! While having a decaf espresso, of course.

Patrick Hegarty

Writing Consultant

With a wealth of experience in many different genres and media, Patrick Hegarty will be joining the team as Senior Writer. Patrick is an award-winning game andscreenwriter, penning the game scripts for such titles as GHOSTBUSTERS, BLUR RACING, CARS, SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, RATATOUILLE, ERAGON, and manymore.
His feature family screenplay, The Maltese Franklins, was named top 1% of more than 600 submissions in the Screencraft Family Screenplay Competition. His action-drama screenplay, FLOWER OF FIRE, won the prestigious Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition as well as the Filmmakers International WritingContest. His action thriller screenplay, S.T.E.A.L., was named to The Hit List as one of the best spec screenplays in Hollywood, as voted on by major developmentexecutives, including Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, Brad Pitt’s Plan B, and J.J. Abram’s Bad Robot.
Hegarty is also the author of a literary novel entitled THE DAZZLE OF THE LIGHT (Wexford College Press, 2003), and co-author of WAR ROOM to BOARDROOM:LEADERSHIP LESSONS FROM WEST POINT’S WARRIOR CLASS.
Prior to his work as a writer, Hegarty was a backup quarterback for the Denver Broncos before

Stacy Barton

Writer & Consultant

Stacy loves a good story—hearing it, seeing it, shaping it, sharing it—how it comes to life with an audience. A ‘swiss army knife’ of storytellers, at home in anycollaboration, she’s spent 20 years writing live shows, animated short fi lms, and immersive experiences for Disney, SeaWorld, Ringling Circus, and many othersaround the world.
Her extensive work with corporate clients means she’s also at home crafting stories for non-entertainment companies, helping hundreds of organizations deliver theirmessages in memorable ways.
Thrilled to bring her passion for entertainment and her understanding of story branding to this animation team, Stacy is ready to make a little magic, just for you.Whether you’re a non-profi t, a Fortune 500 company, an association, or anything in between, her pen is poised and ready to tell your story in an engaging way.

Peter Kusiak

Chief Business Strategy Consultant

He will be designing and implementing business strategies, plans, and procedures to propel revenue and growth for Plover Animation. Working closely with Jennifer(CEO), he plans to oversee day to day operations, lead a team of diverse and talented people, and promote policies that align with the company culture and growth plans.
His experience lends perfectly with this role as he has been heavily involved in managing and developing business operations for more than 15 years. Having theperfect blend of corporate franchising experience, business coaching and owning/growing his own franchised businesses, he knows what it takes to get a business from start-up to fi nancial success and beyond. He has assisted with and coached more then 100 new business openings and have propelled business owners and franchise organizations into MM revenue generators.
As a "fun forward" thinker, he loves finding the fun in all things he does. He can't think of a more fun and exciting venture then to combine his love for business with an animation studio. Being associated with so many creative people, producing high quality products

Michael Mumbauer


Michael is on the Board of Advisors for Plover Animation.
Co-Founder of That's No Moon, Entrepreneur, Entertainment & Tech Innovator, Successful Leader with a Vision for 360° Eco-system of Games, Film, Streaming & Music on Blockchain utilizing NFT's.

Agha Hamza


Agha is on the Board of Advisors for Plover Animation.
Experienced Venture Builder and Program Manager, Member Management Board at World Summit Awards, Specialist at S&P Global Market Intelligence
Amount Raised : $18,779
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