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June 10, 2022
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December 07, 2022
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We design bold animal inspired fashion & home goods that we feel transforms the way people interact with each other and the world. We believe our products challenge fashion norms and give people exciting new choices when it comes to their personal style. All of our products are made with 100% fake faux fur and we donate 10% of net profits to nonprofits that support endangered animals and preserve their habitat.


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Copper Coyote | $500+ Invest $500+ and receive a 10% discount for life (only applies to full price items), access to Investor club, a $100 gift card, and a Official Shareholder Certificate.

$1,000+ Investment
Bronze Bear | $1000+ Invest $1,000+ and receive 15% discount for life (only applies to full price items), access to Investor club, a $200 gift card, and a Official Shareholder Certificate.

$2,500+ Investment
Silver Fox | $2,500+ Invest $2,500+ and receive 5% bonus shares + 25% discount for life (only applies to full price items), access to Investor club, a $300 gift card, and an Official Shareholder Certificate.

$5,000+ Investment
Gold Lion | $5,000+ Invest $5,000+ and receive 10% bonus shares + 30% discount for life (only applies to full price items), access to Investor club, and a $500 gift card.

$10,000+ Investment
Platinum Wolf | $10,000+ Invest $10,000+ and receive 15% bonus shares + 35% discount for life, access to Investor Club, a $1000 gift card, Time with Founders, and a Customized Product (product style must currently be sold online).

$25,000+ Investment
Palladium Panther | $25,000+ Invest $25,000+ and receive 20% bonus shares + 40% discount for life (only applies to full price items), Platinum Investor club, Direct contact with owners, Time with founders, $2500 gift card, and a Customized Product.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Wonjin Kim

Production Manager

Wonjin Kim is our production master. A professional with a proven track record of transforming manufacturing and full cycle production in addition to buying and merchandising operations to growing fashion brands of all types. with over 20 years of experience she has re-shaped what is strategically possible for our production.. 

Tasha Hanes

General Manager

Tasha Hanes was destined to work at SpiritHoods. She started off as a customer before becoming an intern and working her way up to her current role as Director of Operations. Having worked in every department of the company, she brings a unique energy and understanding to all facets of SpiritHoods. Tasha is wholly dedicated to ensuring complete satisfaction for both customers and the team. She has an intense love of life that encompasses all aspects—the spiritual, the emotional, social, and mystics. Most importantly, she genuinely loves the brand and being able to see how the product continues to transform the lives of so many, including her own.

Arionne Jones

Technical Design Associate

Arionne Jones is our technical design wizard. She learned important skills and established lasting relationships working in contemporary fashion before becoming a Technical Design Assistant at SpiritHood. Having had a background in ethical fashion, we are blessed to have team members that value the importance of moving into sustainable and ethical clothing. Ari Has an A.A. in merchandize product development and when she's not working on SpiritHoods, Ari likes to dance and paint. 

Christie Ralph

Art Director

Christie Anderson is a graphic design master who has been working with SpiritHoods for over nine years. From newsletter designs, to custom liners—she has helped brand the company in a fun and cohesive way. Her experience working with a variety of clients includes motion graphics, textile design, and print production. When she isn’t behind a computer, she enjoys camping, wine tasting, and heavy metal.

Matt Gavin

Shipping Lead

Matt Gavin is an inventory and warehouse guru who has been with SpiritHoods for about 7 years now. He oversees the warehouse and fulfillment team, manages inbound product deliveries, ensures inventory is audited and accurate, ships outbound customer orders, and has navigated through some of the most insane Black Friday rushes ever. When Matt’s not holding down the fort, you will likely find him playing with his dog Phoebe, scouring the internet for the latest sneaker drop, playing the drums, or out surfing at one of our beautiful California beaches.

Antwan Titus

Shipping Associate

Antwan Titus is an inventory and warehouse wizard who has been with SpiritHoods for about 3 years now. He works diligently in the warehouse on the fulfillment team, ensuring inventory is audited and accurate, shipping outbound customer orders, restocking, and maintaining all the variuos tasks required to keep our HQ operating smoothly!

Erin Lichtman

Customer Service Specialist

Erin Lichtman was born and raised in Los Angeles. Her eclectic resume includes an array of skills that have served her community—from specialty coffee creation to holistic medicine, to home animal care. Her love of animals and her passion for preserving their existence led her to SpiritHoods. With her sunshiny disposition, and innate desire to help others, Erin has established herself as a dependable point of contact in the Customer Service department at SpiritHoods. When she’s not helping loyal customers find their purrrfect Spirit-swag, Erin loves to see live music, find healthy new recipes to cook for her family, or enjoy the ocean on a day off. She is a bookworm, environmental conversationalist, musical encyclopedia, kitchen concocting, nature-loving bohemian.
Amount Raised : $60,274
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