Hyperefficient Machine Communication

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Technology, Service Businesses, Industrial
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June 24, 2022
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December 28, 2023
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AtomBeam is a software company with a game-changing, patented approach to data that has the potential to transform, at the most fundamental level, how most data is transmitted and stored. Needing only the power of a 10 cent processor, and operating up to 400x the speed of compression, AtomBeam compacts data, including the smallest data files generated by machines, by an average of 75%. This compaction enables data on a logic board to move 4x faster or effectively increases the bandwidth of any non-video data link by 4x, all with radically better security. Unlike compressed data, AtomBeam-encoded data is searchable; imagine cataloging 12 base pairs in a million genomes with a few keystrokes instead of over hours or days, or instantly searching a massive blockchain database made multiples more informationally dense by AtomBeam technology. AtomBeam’s hyper efficient software has the potential to revolutionize data communication and storage and help bring Web3 and the 4th industrial revolution to life.


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Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Josh Cooper, PhD

Chief Scientist

Josh is a Professor of Mathematics at the University of South Carolina and Data Science/Machine Learning Consultant. He is AtomBeam’s chief software architect and plays a key role in product and IP development, spending approximately 20 hours per month in that role. He holds a BS in Mathematics and Linguistics from MIT and PhD in Mathematics (Extremal Combinatorics) from UCSD and has published 40+ papers on a variety of subjects in discrete mathematics and computer science. Specialties: Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (more specifically: Quasirandomness/Discrepancy, Spectral Graph/Hypergraph Theory, Discrete/Computational Geometry, Universal Cycles, Combinatorial Number Theory, Coding Theory, Extremal Combinatorics, Permutation Patterns, Stochastic Processes, Information Theory, Combinatorial Algorithms, Complexity Theory, Cryptography) and Data Science (Data Mining, Machine Learning, Computational Linguistics/NLP, Sentiment/Emotional Analysis). 

Mojgan Haddad, PhD


Mojgan Haddad, PhD is Senior Director of Software Engineering at Corin. Mojgan spends approximately 10 hours per month working with AtomBeam. Prior to Corin, Dr. Haddad was Senior Director, Bioinformatics & Software of Talis Biomedical Corporation, managing a software development effort and supervising over 60 software developers. Dr. Haddad has 20+ years of experience in research informatics and has served in various roles at Monogram Biosciences, a LabCorp company, including Director of Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, and Director of Software Engineering, from 2000 to 2014. During Mojgan’s tenure with Talis, she led the Bioinformatics and Software group where she directed her team’s efforts towards advancing the company’s software, analytics, bioinformatics tools, algorithms, and infrastructure to enable efficient data-driven decision making with respect to Talis’ medical diagnostic products. Dr. Haddad serves as an editor for several scientific journals, and has published extensively in the area of data science for virology, oncology, and personalized medicine.

Courtney Benham


Courtney is a wine producer in Napa Valley, and owns the Martin Ray wine and label there, among other labels, including Courtney Benham wines. He spends about 10 hours per month working with AtomBeam.

Kayla Vallarta

Director of Operations and Controller

Kayla has a 14 years of experience in operations, financial modeling and analysis, fiscal budgeting, management and forecasting, financial reporting, oversight of internal controls, bank reporting, and debt covenant compliance. Most recently, she served as a senior financial analyst of a consulting firm specializing in M&A transactions. Kayla has an MBA in finance from St. Mary’s College.
Amount Raised : $4,926,498
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