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Mclean, VA
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September 27, 2022
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Sparo provides an innovative and accessible solution for retailers everywhere to attract customers, build brand loyalty, and increase sales. With a seamless ecommerce platform, shoppers select the cause they care about for the merchant to donate a portion of the sale. Sparo is looking to revolutionize corporate social responsibility and empower the world to Purchase with a Purpose®. Sparo is currently pre-revenue.


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$500+ Investment
Tier 1 | $500+ Invest $500+ and receive special crowdfunding investor swag & opportunities to participate in user and beta testing programs.

$1,000+ Investment
Tier 2 | $1,000+ Invest $1,000+ and receive special crowdfunding investor swag, a call out on the Sparo website/social media & a portrait drawn from a photograph by young artist Ava Z.

$5,000+ Investment
Tier 3 | $5,000+ Invest $5,000+ and we will promote the charity of your choice on our website & social media & invite you to live talks with the team behind the creation of low carbon AI & with the female inventors of the world's most Green batteries.

$10,000+ Investment
Tier 4 | $10,000+ Invest $10,000+ and we will create special early-bird priority access for your store to partner with the Sparo platform, & the option to participate in the Sparo beta program.

$20,000+ Investment
Tier 5 | $20,000+ Invest $20,000+ and we will offer an in-depth profile of your favorite charity, a custom fundraising campaign to Sparo contacts, social media posts, a press release, & outreach to journalists.

$50,000+ Investment
Tier 6 | $50,000+ Invest $50,000+ and receive 5% bonus shares, plus an invitation to join an elite Sparo investor community with meetups at events like NRF & ShopTalk to meet.

$100,000+ Investment
Tier 7 | $100,000+ Invest $100,000+ and receive 10% bonus shares, a podcast episode interview with Sparo’s CEO Rob Sobhani regarding your interest in Sparo & your philanthropic desires, a podcast episode about your preferred charity, & a lunch with Rob.

$250,000+ Investment
Tier 8 | $250,000+ Invest $250,000+ and we will invite you to join us to take a special tour of the Lucid Motors EV Plant in Arizona, & we will also partake in a trip to India to meet the great women of Sudara.

$500,000+ Investment
Tier 9 | $500,000+ Invest $500,000+ and we will invite you to participate in a private tour as we visit Azerbaijan & walk in the footsteps of Marco Polo - The Old Silk Road with special local guides & the opportunity to meet with surprise hosts.

Key Deal Facts

Sparo is a Microsoft for Startups company, and was highlighted as one of the only Microsoft Partners with a CSR focus, which played a critical role in the Microsoft Cloud for Retail product launch. Sparo is now publicly available in the Microsoft Application Store with an incentivized offer to the internal Microsoft sales teams as a Co-Sell opportunity.

Research shows that corporate giving and cause marketing still hold an undeniable weight in purchasing decisions. For younger generations, such as Millennials and Gen Z, it’s increasingly important that companies they patronize support values aligned with their own.*

Sparo has completed highly successful pilot programs with brands including Staples® and Citron; during the Staples® 20-day pilot program, an additional $2.5M in sales were generated through the Sparo plugin, while sales increased by 20% in the first month of partnership with Citron.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Rama Ayman

Advisor) (Contractor

Rama Ayman has three decades of experience in corporate finance, private equity, and impact investing, and has advised companies to meet their corporate social responsibility and engage in philanthropy. He has lived on three continents, visited more than 60 countries, and held senior positions in investment banking in New York and London, as well as leading roles ranging from Global Partner (KPMG, London) to Corporate VP of M&A (ArcelorMittal, Luxembourg). His professional skills draw on his four academic degrees: economics, political science, and philosophy, as well as a Master's in International Management. He is married with two grown children, he’s an avid reader, tennis player, and soccer fan, and is actively focused on philanthropic work in developing countries
Rama Ayman is part-time at Sparo.IO Corporation and works 2 hours per week at Sparo. Rama works approximately 40 hours per week as CEO for MMG Capital.

Daniel Katz


Nicknamed “The Professor” for his mentoring talents helping colleagues and clients learn how to adapt new strategies and tools for their goals, Daniel Katz has learned and taught strategies through which brands impact society through intelligent marketing. Armed with a Masters of Management and decades of experience in his field, Dan gives the Sparo brand broad appeal in both for-profit and nonprofit worlds.
Daniel Katz is a Full-Time contractor at Sparo and works 40 hours a week. 

Andrea McNaughton

Chief Giving Officer)(Contractor

Andrea McNaughton brings to Sparo a rare, broad knowledge of the nonprofit world, having served (among others) Georgetown University, The Smithsonian, the Parkinson’s Foundation, and Chicago Public Radio. Her understanding of donor interests — from planned giving to capital campaigns — is unique. When not on (or planning) a bike adventure, Andrea lives in Chicago, within walking distance to two grandchildren she can’t see enough.
Andrea McNaughton is a Part-Time contractor at Sparo.IO Corporation and works 35 hours a week.

Guilda M. Sobhani

Board Member

Attended UCLA and is currently an Active member of the Bahai Faith. 
Guilda M. Sobhani is Full-Time at Sparo.IO Corporation. Estimated 40+ hours worked a week.

Kenneth Svendsen

Board Member

Kenneth is the former President of Walt Disney Travel Company and Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Customer Relationship Management at Disney Destinations. In addition to his leadership positions at Disney, Kenneth was Global Head of Sales, Reservations, and Quality Assurance at Hilton Worldwide. From 2016 to 2019, Kenneth was CEO of Entertainment Cruises, a company owned by the private equity arm of the Pritzker Family, and President of Hornblower Cruises and Events from 2019 to 2020.
Kenneth Svendsen is Part-Time at Sparo.IO Corporation while also serving minimal hours per week as Board Member for Star Harbor Academy. Estimated 5 hours worked per week at Sparo.
Amount Raised : $2,093
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