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CureLab Veterinary, Inc.

CureLab Veterinary, Inc.

Elenavet® is poised to revolutionize cancer treatment in dogs and cats!

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Healthcare/Medical, Animals, Cancer, Plasmid, Vaccines
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Using our product line, veterinarians successfully treated 10 out of 11 dogs with breast cancer.
Large Market: The US market is actively growing with pet ownership approaching 67% of households.
175 million dogs in the USA and Europe and the number is growing. 1 in 4 will develop cancer.
199 million cats in US, and Europe and the number is growing. 1 in 5 cats will develop cancer.
Elenavet also has strong potential for treating osteoarthritis, IBD, and other inflammatory mediated diseases.
80% of dogs over 7 and 90% of cats over 12 develop osteoarthritis.
Exclusive licensure of strong intellectual Property & Patents in over 20 countries.
Pet ownership provides the owner with many health benefits Elenavet hopes to help them live longer.

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