The OpenTable of kids activities. We give access to the best programs for kids.

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Software, Education, Community, Techstars, SaaS, Marketplace, Childcare
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Wayland, MA
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2023
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Key Deal Facts

🏢 150,000 service providers on BeAKid.
💰 $2,000,000 in transactions processed.
🔥 Scaled to 70,000+ monthly active users in the last 6 months.
👪 On average children participates in 4.5 activities per week.
🧏🏽 Parents spend $250/month on their children's activities.
🎯 BeAKid charges subscription fee and/or % on every transactions through our platform.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Daniel Barenboym CEO & FounderA father of 3 incredible kids. I ran an after-school STEAM company. A lifelong entrepreneur. I strongly believe in helping people. Ran and helped a number of non-profit organizations improve the lives of local communities. Love old cars., Dmitriy Akinshin CTO & Co-FounderI have a master's degree in Automation and information technologies. Managed a countrywide internet operations and utilization network. Experience growing and scaling startups. Father of 2 kids. Fluent in 3 languages., Anna Kuznetsova Customer Success RepresentativeCurrently residing in Germany. Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs. Master’s degree in Chinese Studies. Speak English, Russian, and Chinese, studying German, Japanese.
Passionate about backpack traveling, hockey, music, and the green economy., Denis Burkatsky Head of GrowthSerial entrepreneur. 10 years in the Education industry. Technical background. I love working on product and seeing improvements. Mentor for Global Women in Tech. Musician, passionate eternal learner, productivity evangelist., Alexandra Vyshnevska Operations ManagerOriginally from Ukraine, Bachelor’s degree in International relations. Worked as an operations manager for a large Ukrainian holding.
Happy mother of 2 wonderful kids. Love meeting new people. Interested in foreign languages. Mastering French., Valentine Nesterov Sr. Software EngineerSr. Software engineer with a passion for frontend development. I Have more than 10 years of experience in development and consulted well-known companies. A big fan of modern technologies, beer, and skateboarding., Marina Panahova Customer Success RepresentativeBA in Administrative management, Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. I love working with customers to help them accomplish their goals and vision. Passionate about education, healthy life, and traveling. Mother of a wonderful and creative child., Alexei Makarow Front end developerFast-growing frontend developer. I'm Involved in web programming for more than 3 years and never give up on challenge. In love with computers, technologies, music, guitar, skateboarding, snowboarding, yachting, motorcycling, sport-paintball and cars., Mabel Xu Content ManagerStudying at Northeastern for a bachelor’s in Business Administration. Concentrations in Management & Consulting and Entrepreneurial Startups. Hopeful minor in Graphic and Information Design. Love cooking, art, fitness, travel, and my dog.
Amount Raised : $82,900
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