Heart-Centered Strategies Corp.

ShareTech for a Heart-Centered World

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Common Stock
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Sacramento, CA
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March 17, 2023
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April 30, 2023
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Company Description

Heart-Centered Strategies is a tech corporation and the creator of the iShared mobile app. The company is currently pre-revenue and entering its first major marketing phase on StartEngine, following launch of the app’s free and paid versions for iOS.

Key Deal Facts

With the iShared app, Heart-Centered Strategies incentivizes the sharing of resources – ranging from food, clothing, and used goods, to information, services, and social capital – in order to alleviate resource deprivation, reduce carbon emissions by promoting sharing instead of purchasing items, and build sustainable communities through one share transaction at a time.

According to trend reports, access to social media and online platforms has a positive impact on charitable giving across many verticals. Building on this momentum, we believe the iShared app will make it even easier for anyone with a mobile phone to contribute, and participate in equitable exchanges at a local level.* Fintech applications typically lack usable marketplaces where application users are able to complete transactions and interact with one another. iShared remedies that problem through its novel token banking system which allows users to share items and services across local regions and easily access relevant items using GPS through its in-app “share tokens.”

Heart-Centered Strategies is passionate about building innovative products that disrupt social problems and promote tight-knit communities. Our platform has been developed with a wide range of features that encourage altruism, and we are continually building upon our technology with this mission in mind. We are creating highly dense resource marketplaces in communities who are passionate about becoming living proof of an alternative way of living - one where application users share items and services with their neighbors and reduce the negative effects of global warming - such as carbon emissions. Our grandest vision is a world where everyone has what they need to survive and thrive. We help communities everywhere become beacons of hope for a new generation of heart-centered collaborators.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Dr. Julia HarrisonCEO, Founder, and Board DirectorDr. Julia Elizabeth Harrison is a social instigator and social work professional designing solutions to social problems with a focus on resiliency, equality, connectedness, participation, and environmental protection. She has a background in economic development, ethics, social work and strategic planning.
Julia is passionate about community development work & envisions a world where everyone has what they need and can self-actualize. She is an advocate in natural systems, which promotes interpersonal relationships over formal relational structures. She takes inspiration from symbiotic relationships found in nature as well as Maslows hierarchy of needs. On her down time, she loves playing music, hiking, biking, dancing and acting.,
Amount Raised : $201
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