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SafeX.Market a decentralized marketplace giving sellers independence

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Key Deal Facts

✅ More than 1,000 vendors have signed up for early adoption of SafeX Market.
🥇 Our team successfully onboarded 4 of the top 100 third party vendors.
⚒️ Version 1.6 of our software is live and has already completed 100s of transactions.
💪 A founding team and advisory board with relevant experience is working together.
🪙 SafeX Market users report lower costs for sellers and buyers, & increased ease of shopping online
🛒 Improvements for sellers that leads to lower cost to buyers and a unified catalog to choose from.
🔥 SafeX Market technology empowers small businesses and will efficiently onboard sellers worldwide.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Daniel Dabek CO-Founder CEODaniel is a software engineer and blockchain industry pioneer. He has been involved in growing the space since 2013 as a Founder of and Founder of His mission is to shift the paradigm to open new horizons in global trade., Aharon Bernal Co-Founder CPOAharon has been involved in e-commerce for the past 7 years. He is a pioneer of the modern Amazon selling experience, and he has cleared 400,000+ transactions a year for clients and himself using cutting edge tools of the trade that he helped shape., Ari Last Co-Founder VP Business Development, Ed Rosenberg AdvisorEd founded Amazon Sellers Group (, an all-encompassing support group geared solely towards Amazon sellers, from top professionals (including many of the top 500) to newbies., Simon Hoffman AdvisorWith more than 20 years in the e-commerce industry, Simon founded
He co-founded Liv Swiss Watches and, a medical supplies e-commerce site. His business acumen and savviness are a great addition to Safex team., Mark Genuth AdvisorMark is a relentless optimist. For the past 10 years he has been a leader in managing the financial aspects of business. And as an advisor to companies, he brings strategy, budget planning, operations, and business process optimization to the table., Jonathan Hoffman AdvisorJonathan has been in the e-commerce industry since 1999. He co-founded, Paul Dalton AdvisorPaul has been mining Bitcoin since 2013. He is an attorney with more than 35 years of experience in Federal Courts and the past decade he has been participating in cutting edge technology startups as an advisor and an investor., Ivana Todorovic AdvisorIvana is active in start-ups for the past 5 years. She fostered the development of the Safex platform as an economist and participates in evaluating blockchain start-ups for the European Commission. She also oversees a Swiss Licensed crypto exchange., Marija Blesic Content CreatorMarija has been involved in the Safex project since 2016. She organized the development of the Safex Knowledge Base, and is heavily active in presenting its high tech concepts. Marija also maintains a 1500 member meetup group centered around Safex.
Amount Raised : $214,350
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