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Common Stock
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Oakland, CA
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October 17, 2022
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We’re on a mission to bring immersive lighting indoors. We believe our products and technology will become the future of home lighting and multi-sensory experiences. In the last year and a half, we’ve sold and shipped $300k of our first product, Fluora.


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$1,000+ Investment
$1,000+ | Fluora Growers Club I
$75 off the purchase of a Fluora

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$2,500+ Investment
$2,500+ | Fluora Growers Club II
$150 off the purchase of any fluora

$5,000+ Investment
$5,000+ | Fluora Growers Club III
Free Fluora Mini + Stand (Shipping Winter 2022)

$10,000+ Investment
$10,000+ | Fluora Growers Club - Silver
2 Free Fluora Mini’s or 1 free Fluora + Stand(s) (Shipping Winter 2022)

10% off all Fluora products for 2 years

$25,000+ Investment
$25k+ | Fluora Growers Club - Gold
4 Free Fluora Mini’s or 2 free Fluora + Stand(s) (Shipping Winter 2022)

10% off all fluora products for 2 years

+2% bonus shares

Meet the Fluora Founders

$50,000+ Investment
$50k+ | Fluora Growers Club - Platinum
15% off all fluora products for 2 years

+4% bonus shares

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Meet the Fluora Founders

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Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Gene Gisin

Lead Mechanical Engineer

ex- Tonal, Teague, Scaled Composites

Sumedh Bhattacharya

Full Stack Engineer - Contractor

ex - Microsoft, UC Berkeley
20 hours/week

Pierre Michael

Senior Electrical Engineer - Contractor

ex- Apple, iRobot
5 hours/week

Gerri Witthuhn

Designer & 3D Artist - Contractor

Website & Art:

Project based hours

Ben Einstein


President & COO: Ten Percent Happier
Founder & General Partner:

Mark Sires


Director of Mechanical Engineering: Universal Audio

Brock Allen


Deep Learning & Embedded Software Engineer, Amazon Lab 126

Cate Hall


COO Alvea
J.D. Yale Law School
Amount Raised : $40,877
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