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Infrastructure, Technology
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Wilmington, DE
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June 28, 2023
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Key Deal Facts

💸 Global workspace booking and project entailment market value is $1.37 Trillion
⚡️ Bauns lets professionals find and work in remote projects, book workspaces and signup for events
🤝 Collaborating with Hilton, Marriott, Hyatt, IOS Offices, Grupo Posadas and more
☕️ 350+ workspaces and 4000+ users in the network
🔑 5700+ bookings generated on MVP
🚀 After a successful MVP in 2020, we're ready to launch in the US in 2023
💥 Team experienced in Development, Operations and Marketing in the Remote Work Industry
🏆 Winner of the 2020 Santander X Tomorrow Challenge

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Andrea Alvarez Founder, CEO8+ years of experience in work tech. Extensive experience in growth for 7+ startups. Speaker at Paris Peace Forum 2019 and National Entrepreneurship Award in 2016., Sofia Alvarez Cano Head of Human ResourcesCo-founder at Bauns. 6+ years of experience in the startup ecosystem in Mexico City. Passionate about social impact. Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from ITAM, Tamara Junquera Head of Sales Development2+ years experience in sales development. Former data analysis intern at a VC Fund.
BA in Business Administration from Universidad Iberoamericana., Nicole Hajj Investor and Administration AdvisorMexican entrepreneur. Masters in Business Administration from Hult Business School. Passionate about marketing and technology., Andres Martínez Early Investor and Strategy AdvisorCo-Founder & CEO at Público Coworking. MSRED - MIT, Brian Frederiksen PartnershipsCo-Founder at Monaco Foundry. Global Operations at IBM Health & Mercks, Fabrice Marquet Expasion AdvisorCo-Founder at Monaco Foundry and Founder of Monaco Tech, Mauricio R Orihuela Early Investor and Finance AdvisorManaging Partner at RW. Dr. Honoris Causa at La Salle, Mexico., Gerardo Rioseco Growth and Commercial StrategyCo-founder at Bauns. Serial entrepreneurs. Bachelors Degree in International Affairs from Universidad Iberoamericana., Alejandro Schwedhelm Investor and Business Development AdvisorPartner at ATX - Invest. MIT - MS Management, Eric Baczuk Product AdvisorDesign at Google Special Projects. MDS Harvard - MIT Fellow
Amount Raised : $56,200
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