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June 04, 2022
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December 13, 2021
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WebJoint is a leader in the field of cannabis delivery software, currently serving more than a third of licensed and operating cannabis deliveries in California. In a blooming industry that is expected to grow to $176 billion in retail sales by 2030, this company has processed more than $244 million worth of orders in California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Michigan, while continuing to expand its operations to all legalized cannabis states.


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Key Deal Facts

Proven concept: More than a third of currently operating cannabis delivery companies in California use WebJoint to manage their business operations.

Exploding industry: The cannabis market is expected to reach $176 billion by 2030, with delivery being the fastest-growing segment.* Thanks to our investors, WebJoint is now a multi-state operator, processing delivery transactions in California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Michigan. Our revenue has grown ~74% since launching our previous raise.

Strong partnerships: WebJoint has strong partnerships with Weedmaps, Cova, KindTap, and Happy Cabbage to support cannabis deliveries nationwide.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Adam Cesarevic

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Adam Cesarevic is the Chief Technology Officer at WebJoint. 
Tasked with the technical integrity of the platform, Adam leads WebJoint’s development team to create some of the best cannabis delivery software solutions available on the market. Through his leadership, Adam has been able to weave together the vision of WebJoint and the complex problems delivery operators face every day, to create solutions with technology. 

Michael Tanzer

Board Member

Michael Tanzer is an investor and entrepreneur who currently sits on the Board of Directors for WebJoint. Leading WebJoint’s Series A Round with RedTape Ventures in 2017, Michael focuses his investments on the crossroads of cannabis and technology. His accolades consist of not only co-founding RedTape Ventures, but also include him co-founding CaliStripe, an award-winning cannabis concentrate brand based in California. Michael’s takes pride in bringing good people together to do great things!

Hooman Simon Lahijani

Board Member

Hooman Lahijani is a serial entrepreneur who currently sits on the Board of Directors for WebJoint. Having previously co-founded multiple technology companies with successful exits, Hooman understood the impact technology could have on the growing cannabis industry, becoming one of WebJoint’s earliest investors as a result. In addition to sitting on WebJoint’s Board of Directors, Hooman is currently building his next ventures: Menu.com and Dishzilla.

Daltry Martin

Director of Sales

Daltry Martin is the Director of Sales for WebJoint. One of WebJoint’s first hires, Daltry joined the company in January of 2016. Since then, Daltry has played a huge role in helping delivery operators identify the issues they face within the cannabis industry and positioning WebJoint as the solution to their problems and growing their business. 
As an integral part to the company’s operations, Daltry’s responsibilities as the Director of Sales extends to business development across key industry partnerships and identifying new markets for WebJoint to expand into. 
Daltry is currently focused on expanding WebJoint into new markets on the east coast of the United States, as well as expanding WebJoint’s applicability into the dispensary market through partnerships with multiple dispensary POS systems.
Aside from WebJoint, Daltry is a native of Tennessee and is passionate about producing music.

Jonathan Mohon

Product Manager

Jonathan Mohon is a software engineer and technician at WebJoint. As the product manager, he acts as a liaison between the customer support team and the development team to bring cutting-edge features to the platform. Jonathan is also a highly skilled web designer, and has completed many of the websites that are used by a variety of WebJoint clients.
Jonathan has worked with large companies, including Samsung, Edison, and Verizon Wireless, among others, and has added many technological tools to his belt. You can expect a can do attitude from Jonathan, who will never shy away from a challenge.
Jonathan enjoys various creative endeavors when not working at Webjoint such as music composition, game design and blockchain technology projects. Jonathan is originally from Missouri. He moved to Los Angeles at age 20 to pursue his dreams.

Antonio Javiniar

Head of Marketing

Antonio Javiniar is the Head of Marketing at WebJoint. Antonio joined the WebJoint team in 2018 as the company’s first marketing hire, responsible for building the marketing department and its initiatives from the ground up. 
Today, Antonio develops, manages, and scales multi-channel B2B marketing campaigns for WebJoint. With his passion for cultivating relationships through thoughtful, well-curated content, Antonio has helped WebJoint grow to be the leading cannabis delivery software provider in California. Since entering the cannabis industry, he has also served as the Executive Director for the California Cannabis Awards and the Producer of WebJoint’s documentary series, Social Equity: Up in Smoke. He currently sits on Social Equity LA’s Board of Directors as a board advisor.
When he’s not building the coolest cannabis delivery software company ever, Antonio likes to spend his time as a film photographer, falling as a rock climber, and as a dog dad to his Siberian Husky, Atticus.

Alvaro Wong

Creative Director

Alvaro is the Creative Director at WebJoint in charge of all things branding and media production. With years of experience as a director and cinematographer, he gives professional look and feel to all the content WebJoint creates. If you’ve received promotional materials, like our gift box, software booklet, or a PDF copy of our sales deck, the chances are Alvaro designed it. Visual story-telling through design and video has been a core of marketing strategy and Alvaro has been at the forefront of it. On a personal level, Alvaro is a proud dog dad and a car enthusiast. When he’s not on set, he’s racing cars at Willow Springs.

Jay Wigodsky

Director of Customer Success

Jay Wigodsky is WebJoint’s Director of Customer Success. His primary duties at WebJoint are to ensure a smooth onboarding with WebJoint’s software while guiding cannabis retail operators along a path of compliant growth within state-specific regulations.
Tasked to help both new and experienced operators navigate the complex intersection of cannabis regulations and technology, Jay is the primary point of contact for retail operators using WebJoint.
Born and raised in Los Angeles, he has witnessed the paradigm shift in cannabis culture and looks to contribute by providing astute guidance which connects all sectors of the industry. In addition to his extensive compliance research, Jay is an avid adventurist with interests in photography, NFTs, & Web3. Jay holds degrees in Philosophy and Comparative Literature from the University of Oregon.

Jasmine Barnett

Customer Success Representative

Jasmine Barnett currently works as a representative on WebJoint’s Customer Success team. She helps onboard all new clients onto the WebJoint platform and handle support issues as they arise.
Jasmine joined the WebJoint team in 2022 as a former dispensary operator and General Manager from Medguys Delivery Service. Having previously ran a delivery operation herself, Jasmine brings to WebJoint a breadth of knowledge pertaining to the nuances of cannabis delivery, what software tools delivery operators need, and what it takes to succeed in such a competitive industry. 
Aside from WebJoint, Jasmine has a long list of credentials: as she graduated from Everest University with a BA in Accounting and an Associates in Business Management from University of Georgia. In 2016, Jasmine along with her best friend started Project Jasmine Non-Profit Organization to help cancer patients and their families through different forms of fundraising, mainly fashion shows.  
Jasmine is very passionate about helping others battling cancer because she is a Cancer Fighter/Survivor herself. Jasmine is happiest when she is spending time with her family in her hometown of Atlanta, GA.
Amount Raised : $180,946
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