First platform for the 1.4B women who game | Female founded!

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Key Deal Facts

Community doubled to 500k in the last year; app users went from 0 --> 14k in 8 months!
Video game industry is a $200B global market, $57B in the U.S. alone & women are often overlooked.
Founders launched & sold Mommybites, one of the first & largest parenting platforms.
Raised $2.1M to date, including Riot Games and investors from OpTic Gaming.
Partners include Walmart, Cisco, Bud Light, Benefit Makeup, Logitech & Respawn, and Streamlabs.
Women founded x Women led x Women focused.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Rebecca Brock Dixon Co-Founder & CEOEntrepreneur, experienced community builder & former marketing executive at Turner, CBS and Carat. Strong family ties to esports and gaming, including current ownership in OpTic Gaming and formerly WNBA., Laura Deutsch Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Babybites/Mommybites founder with extensive media coverage on The Today Show, Dr. Oz, CNN & WSJ. As one of the largest social & educational web-communities for moms in the US, it was acquired in 2016., Verta Maloney Co-Founder & Chief Innovation OfficerVerta is all love with appropriate doses of rage. She has a 25-year career in community building, education, and leadership coaching. She is a strategic innovator who helps individuals & organizations share their racial stories to undo racism., Heather Ouida Co-Founder & PresidentCo-founder, Mommybites from launch through acquisition. VP of Licensing at Kidtagious with Al Kahn (of Pokémon). Led global innovation of kids toys & products in esports & gaming., Vicki Kosuda Chief Financial Officer CPA with 20+ yrs of finance experience from startup to Fortune 500. Former Ernst & Young turned women-focused small businesses & startups., Rebecca Longawa Collegiate & Esports StrategyMaster networker and esports maven with 20+ years in sports marketing. Founder of Happy Warrior leads pro esports teams in monetization through brand partnerships & growth strategies. Advisor for Esports VC firms & startups., Danielle Peyton Head of PeopleHuman Resources professional, specializing in working with start-ups looking to embed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into the organizational culture.
Amount Raised : $355,308
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