Blackbird Foods

Plant-based brand of frozen pizza and plant-based meats

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Convertible Note
Retail, Consumer Goods & Products, Food & Bev, Financial Services, Social Impact, Food & Beverage
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Long Island City, NY
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July 24, 2024
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Company Description

Blackbird Foods is one of leading artisanal producers of plant-based comfort foods, specializing in pizza, seitan, and wings. With a foundation rooted in supplying top-tier restaurants and retailers nationwide, we've established ourselves as pioneers in the plant-based protein market.

Key Deal Facts

In just three years, we've built a nationwide brand with 2,500 distribution points including Target & Whole Foods
Our wheat protein has meat-like texture and versatility that comes from our proprietary process
Our revenue run rate is now $4.4M
We have a strong restaurant presence in the northeast, including Motorino Pizzeria and Beyond Sushi
Our products are chef-approved and made 100% from plants with only the most fresh ingredients
The U.S. Plant-Based Market is projected to hit $4.15 billion by 2026

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Emanuel Storch CEOPrevious Founding Member at Simply Gum. Led the company through its expansion from a few stores to nationwide distribution. With his passion for sustainable, restaurant grade, plant-based foods, Blackbird was launched at the start of 2020., Mike Pease Co-founder, Director of OperationsMichael is a pioneer in the food space, first managing and growing NYC’s premier plant based restaurants like Candle 79 and Cafe Blossom, and then founding Terri, NYC’s first chain of plant-based fast casual restaurants., Abby Thaine Marketing ManagerPrevious: Owner of Vegan Bakery, Batter and Cake, Tia Franzone Business Development ManagerPrevious: Manager at UNFI and Corporate Essentials, Damian Athapattiou Operations ManagerPrevious: Manager of NuLeaf. Licensed Real Estate Agent
Amount Raised : $56,278
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