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Crowd SAFE
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Offering Date
August 12, 2022
Expected Close Date
April 30, 2023
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Key Deal Facts

$5.5 trillion global market opp growing at 27.4% YoY
2022 sales forecast of $7.5M, 3X revenue growth in one year
Sales pipeline: 175 opportunities w/ $110M in potential revenue
Sales prospects include 2 of largest US retailers & international telcos
Software platform reseller agreement w/ largest Global IoT Manufacturer
30 team members globally, incl. recognized world leaders in the IoT space
Investors & advisors incl. execs from Google, Goldman Sach, Phillips


50% discount on LEXI Universal IoT Gateway ($125 vs. $250 MSRP)
50% discount on LEXI LoRa/Helium Miner Gateway ($250 vs. $500 MSRP)

FREE LEXI Universal IoT Gateway
FREE LEXI LoRa/Helium Miner Gateway

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Scott Cahill
CEO + Founder
Former CEO of 4 companies; 3 as Co-Founder; put 1 on the Inc 500 2x, 2 acquired. Former VP Sales & Marketing, VP BD, GM Intl at VC backed companies⁠—2 successfully acquired by public companies.

Deepak Saxena
CTO + Co-Founder
Former CTO of an Adtech Company. 20 years of Software Development experience. DOD, NASA, US Navy, US Air Force, MIT software developer.

John Osborne
Chairman Emeritus Connectivity Standards Alliance (formerly Zigbee Alliance). Vice Chairman, Z-Wave Alliance. Former President, North America, LEEDARSON. Former GM, R&D, Operations Research, The Kroger Co.

Kelvin Ngan
VP of Operations
Former VP Ops at Wicked Cool Toys, $100m/yr toy company. Has 30 years product development in plastic & electronics manufacturing.

Michael Bailey Smith
VP of Sales
Former North America Sales Director IoT, Leedarson. Former BD Manager Osram Lightify NA. Former NFL Player, Dallas Cowboys. Former Paratrooper, 82nd Airborne.

Arthur Cao
Sales Director, China
Former Sales Director, Fuzhi Technology Co. Former Business Development Team Lead, North America, Leedarson. Former Huawei, R&D.

Caroline Gick
Director of Account Management
Former Head of Customer Operations & CX, Proxy. Former Customer & Channel Operations Manager, Motiv. Former Senior Community Library Manager, Contra Costa County (CA) Library.

Thomas Sayed
Head of Customer Experience
10+ years in Customer Experience Management. Founder and Manager of TaskPro Services. Former CX Manager, iFrames and Evolve Entertainment.

LEXI Engineering Team
(Mumbai, India)
23 full-time software, hardware & QA engineers with expertise in iOS and Android apps, firmware development and cloud services.
Amount Raised : $592,752
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Security Description

An equity crowdfunding specific version of a SAFE used by crowdfunding portal Republic. Upon conversion (if and when that happens), investors may receive special shares with limited rights that do not show up on a company’s cap table. The issuer may roll over and not convert shares at the next financing round causing investors to lose out on some upside.

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