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Tampa, FL
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August 25, 2022
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November 23, 2022
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At myButterfly.AI, we believe our app can give people a better, easier way to understand their healthcare. Instead of adding more tech solutions for clinicians, hospitals, and insurers, we aim to help those seeking care and their clinicians, have better engagement with their care - all through a healthtech app driven by machine learning. The Company is in the pre-revenue stage of development. myButterfly.AI's app (product) is in the developmental stages and is not available to the general public at this time. The Company anticipates entering the market by late 2023.


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$250+ Investment
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MVP Access

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MVP Access, 3 months of premium service

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Beta Access, 3 months of premium service

$1,500+ Investment
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Beta Access, 6 months of premium service, plus 2% bonus shares

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Tier 5
Beta Access, 1 year of premium service, plus 2% bonus shares

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Tier 6
Beta Access, 1 year of premium service, plus 5% bonus shares

$10,000+ Investment
Tier 7
Beta Access, 1 year of premium service for 2 accounts, plus 10% bonus shares

$20,000+ Investment
Tier 8
Beta Access, 1 year of premium service for up to 3 accounts, 2 calls with Founders in 2022, 3 calls in 2023, plus 10% bonus shares

$25,000+ Investment
Tier 9
Beta Access, lifetime premium service for up to 5 accounts, 2 calls with Founders in 2022, 3 calls in 2023, plus 10% bonus shares

Key Deal Facts

We seek to put consumers in control of feeling better - and paying less - all through our AI powered health care comprehension and order fulfillment app.

The global healthcare market is $11.9T, US Healthcare is $4T - and is growing every year. By putting consumers seeking care at the center of everything we do, we feel we are addressing huge, growing markets.*

Our founders have a combined 60 years+ of experience, including industry veterans with experience in software, retail, and healthtech.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Ray Heath

Development Team Lead

Ray is a seasoned technology executive who has been serving clients since 1996 with strategic analysis and planning, project management, research, technical consulting, product development, process engineering, and technical team leadership. He has focused on building skillsets that are both broad and deep, adopting best practices quickly, with a relentless devotion to quality – embracing change that makes the previously impossible possible. His goals are always centered around client success.
Ray has served businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises, in multiple domains. These include: advertising, art, banking, business management, graphics, healthcare, retail, stock market trading, and website service providers. He delights in helping companies turn great ideas into innovative products and services, build intangible assets, and put profitable results on their balance sheets.
Ray has experience managing projects and products and building complete solutions in every one of the domains listed above. In addition, he has provided clients with solutions around encryption, data integration and interop, IBM MQ, BizTalk HL7, UI frameworks, and resource management APIs. Mr Heath has worked in both commercial and federal spaces, across both open source and commercial systems.

Todd Chapman

Development Team Lead

Todd has 25 years of experience architecting, building and bringing to market technology solutions to solve key business challenges with a focus on best practice processes and patterns around enterprise-class software development. He has worked as a technical and process expert, architect, and led technical teams in groups ranging from small product development teams & SMB “handle everything” IT teams to enterprise architecture & development teams for large organizations. His specialties include SDLC processes, enterprise software architecture and strategy, and product development within cross-functional teams. 
Todd has built solutions across a range of industries including Healthcare & Medical Device Technology, Consumer Finance, Investment, Insurance, and Food Service. Across these industries, the businesses have varied in size from startups & small software product companies to mid-sized finance & wholesale operations to large multi-facility health systems and medical technology vendors.
Todd has experience in multiple product and platform areas with a particular focus on backend integration and architecture. These include: Project Management, Build & Release management, Web Services, Application Integration, Big Data, Ecommerce, Data Integration, Enterprise Resource Planning Systems and Electronic Medical Record systems. He has leveraged both open source and commercial platform as determined by the project’s requirements.
Amount Raised : $6,189
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