Revolving Kitchen

Tech-enabled, on-demand ghost kitchens and virtual food hall

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August 26, 2022
Expected Close Date
March 31, 2023
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Company Description

Revolving Kitchen helps industry players alleviate these challenges by providing fully-equipped, on-demand kitchens supported by a variety of complimentary services. We enable our operators/members to run successful food service businesses with the flexibility and support required to remain nimble in an ever-changing environment.

Key Deal Facts

Raising capital for 2nd location in NTX market: Allen/Fairview/McKinney
Proven, profitable concept with the first location opened in 2019
Ghost kitchen + food hall (virtual app and on-site) + bar + grab & go store
Turnkey kitchens, omni-channel ordering, operational and marketing support
Help food businesses start/grow economically, efficiently and profitably
Driven by culture to help operators succeed and get the community involved
Offer diners: one destination + many restaurant/food options + one check

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Tyler Shin
Improving the food ecosystem by helping food businesses to start and grow in our local communities economically, efficiently, profitably, and less risky.

Jessica Madison
Facility Manager
A culinary artist can only create a masterpiece when provided the perfect tools. Our state of the art facility is home to some of the most creative artists at work.

Amber Tarzwell
Operations Manager
An innovative approach to the future of food with implementation of operational, marketing and technological strategy.

Vibrant4 Agency
Partner Marketing Agency

Lan Rose PR
Public Relations

Web FX
SEO Marketing
Amount Raised : $36,350
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