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Technology, Retail, Community & Lifestyle, Transportation & Storage
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Birmingham , AL

Key Deal Facts

The Auto DIY'ers spend $55 Billion a year in the U.S. on automotive aftermarket parts.
The Pull It Yourself Junkyard industry is a $6 Billion a year industry. DIY Garages next industry
Helping to empower the community with free basic, automotive maintenance classes.
Providing substantial cost savings for our Customers vs Auto Repair Shops.
Creating a family-friendly environment for strengthening bonds & building relationships.
First DIY Garage to offer a Customization and High Performance area.
Cumulative profit projections over $5M within the first 5 years (not guaranteed).
In the current environment, people are keeping their vehicles for 12 years or more!

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Anthony Sharpe Founder/CEO Managed a team of over 120 team members to manufacture over $9 million products a month. Implemented processes to save the company >$120k per year. 25+ years of auto repair & restoring., Quenton Bonds Co-Founder/CFO+20 years in entrepreneurship
Started businesses in several industries; service, Tech, automotive, and more
Raised million$ for new concept development
NASA Engineer, forward thinking; essential to GS1st's Tech. plans: EVs, Charging Stations, etc, Rebecca Siers SecretaryLead, follow, or get out of my way! There IS a better way!, Darnell Fellows IT Developer IT Manager with more than 15 years of experience in various IT areas. Success in leading teams in completion of all phases of diverse technology projects, meeting deadlines and SLA’s to meet customer needs.
Amount Raised : $52,950
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