Rize Modular

Rize Modular

An end-to-end, offsite building solution

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Sacramento, CA
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November 29, 2022
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Company Description

Rize Modular is an environmental conscience and technology-based offsite construction company creating an end-to-end platform to design, build and deliver modular multi-family, affordable housing structures at scale. Our mission is “affordable housing for all.” At RIZE, we want to use technology and an advanced build process to lower the construction cost while minimizing the environmental impact. With two projects in development and a robust pipeline on the way - we feel we are on the way to entering the market from a very strong position to do just that.


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Key Deal Facts

We believe we are among the first to utilize offsite, factory-based manufacturing to develop an end-to-end, proprietary build platform to help solve the shortage of 3.5 Million units of affordable housing in California - from design, to build and to deliver. As a result, our customers save between 50-70% on construction waste and a faster time to revenue by reducing the total project timing by 20-50% (12 to 18 months) (source). We are targeting the $4.6 Trillion housing industry through innovation and infusion of technology (source, source).

Rize has a very robust non-binding pipeline of over 20 projects and opportunities that total $500M in build revenue. We are raising this capital to start building these projects.

The Rize Senior Leadership team brings a combined experience of over 100 years in volumetric modular construction, which we feel helped to forge and disrupt all segments of offsite construction.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Michael McCaffrey

Chief Financial Officer

Mike is the RIZE Chief Financial Officer. He is a finance professional with 15+ years of experience in treasury, finance, operations, investment banking, capital markets, business development, and strategic planning. 
Proven ability to leverage professional experience and act as a business partner to help drive corporate vision, strategy and growth. Global experiences and education have provided strong interpersonal and communication skills, work ethic, integrity, team building and collaborative skills.
Specialties: Corporate Finance, Relationship Management, Financial Planning & Analysis, Business Development, Strategy & Planning, Operational Excellence, Negotiation
Amount Raised : $13,922
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