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Technology, Entertainment
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San Jose, CA
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September 01, 2022
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April 29, 2024
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Company Description

Gameflip is a leading marketplace powered by advanced technology that ensures simple, safe transactions for all things digital – offering gamers the ability to “flip” their gaming items and assets. With sales on our platform of $140M+ to date, $10M raised from Silicon Valley VCs, and the application of commercial blockchain technology, we are changing gaming and aim to power digital commerce for the gaming metaverse.


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Key Deal Facts

STRONG TRACTION: Gameflip has already raised $10 million from Silicon Valley VCs and has facilitated lifetime sales of over $140M (GMV) from our community of more than 6 million gamers.

RIGHT MARKET TIMING: The global games market is projected to grow to a staggering $204B by 2023, with $2.5B invested into blockchain gaming start-ups just in Q1 2022 and major gaming publishers signaling blockchain-based games to be part of their core business strategies for the future.*

EXPERIENCED TEAM: The Gameflip team previously built and sold their games publishing business, Aeria Games, and has partnered with Marvel and Ubisoft to develop multiple top mobile games.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Matheus Arnellas

Head of Operations

Matheus has 11+ years of experience managing cross-functional teams in the digital free-to-play games space.
Matheus served in production, marketing and operations roles at companies such as Electronic Arts, Aeria Games and PlayNext.
Matheus holds an MBA from FIPE São Paulo and a bachelor's degree in Marketing & Advertising from PUC Campinas - Brazil.

Udayan Sharma

Director of Marketing

Udayan has 18+years of experience in gaming, e-commerce and tech.
Prior to Gameflip, Udayan was in the digital free-to-play gaming space as Director of Marketing at Aeria Games.
Udayan holds an MBA from Purdue University, Krannert School of Management and a BS in Electrical Engineering from Oregon State University.

Bryan Talbot

Head of Engineering

Bryan has over 20 years working at the forefront of Silicon Valley technologies.
Prior to Gameflip, Bryan was the platform architect at Aeria Games where he designed and oversaw the implementation of the global publishing platform.
Bryan earned a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). 

Steve Caracappa

Marketing Manager

Steve has 15+ years of experience in the video games industry.
He has held roles with top global gaming brands including Sony, Microsoft, NetherRealm Studios, and
Steve is experienced within the free-to-play space with roles in production, community management, and marketing at Mind Candy, Outspark, and Aeria Games.

Nitay Souza

Operations Manager

Eng-Shien Wu

Sr. Software Engineer

Hai Nguyen

Sr. Software Engineer

Anthony Pham

Sr. Software Engineer

Lan Hoang

Chairman of the Board

Phil Brady

Board Member
Amount Raised : $96,367
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