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Sports & Fitness
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Miami, FL
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September 06, 2022
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December 05, 2022
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Company Description

Vantage Sports is a marketplace connecting college athletes to youth athletes, whether it’s private sports training or advice on the college recruiting process. Our platform gives college athletes an opportunity to earn income, while passing their skills and knowledge of the game to the next generation. We are currently in the market regionally with our service and plan to expand nationally.


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$249+ Investment
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$750+ Investment
Tier 1
Invest $750+ and receive exclusive access to our product development road map, which highlights which product features will be developed and in which order. This will help investors understand exactly what our product team is focusing on.

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$1,500+ Investment
Tier 2
Invest $1,500+ and receive 1 Free Training Session with a college athlete near you plus 10% of our product for life! This is a great opportunity to become an investor and get exclusive discounts to training with a college athlete of your choice.

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$3,000+ Investment
Tier 3
Get exclusive early access to our digital content library upon release. This means getting beta access to our new library of instructional video content from our first beta group of college athletes, including content from McKenzie Milton.

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$7,500+ Investment
Tier 4
5% Bonus shares plus meet with our founders via an in-person dinner or a zoom call. A great way to get to know the founding team and learn more about the day in the life of a founder. Dinners can be arranged in the Tri-State area or Florida.

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$10,000+ Investment
Tier 5
Get 10% Bonus Shares plus access to our quarterly investor strategy meetings where existing investors (former Harvard and Boston College Football Players) who have all invested $50K or greater in the company share ideas and strategize.

Key Deal Facts

As the NIL has begun allowing college athletes to earn a profit, we believe we are one of the early leaders in a brand new market, already working with 500+ college athletes at top SEC and ACC schools and have established a partnership with INFLCR as part of their global exchange program. (source)

The youth and high school sports industry was a $15 billion industry in 2017 and via our marketplace model, we strive to command a large percentage of that. (source)

We believe we are uniquely positioned to own a large share of the vertical of sports training market, building a platform for an extremely broad range of nearly 500,000 college athletes to start earning income.

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Patrick Johnson

Co-Founder and CEO

Patrick Johnson - Co Founder and CEO - Founded Landscaping company in college that now does over $1M in Revenue, previously reported directly to the interim CFO in a high growth NYC start-up. Scrappy and adaptive to new environments able to learn on the fly want where many hats, the ultimate generalist. Patrick works 60 hours a week for the Issuer.

Yosef Ngowe

Head of Marketing

Yosef Ngowe D1 lacrosse player, social media influencer, and head of marketing at Vantage Sports. As a college athlete, creator, and professional. Yosef has experienced all angles of the NIL space. Growing up in a low income single parent family outisde of Atlanta he worked incredibly hard to earn a D1 scholarship in school traditionally dominated by white affluent male athletes. Yosef works 20 hours a week for the Issuer.

Doug Guyer

Board Member

Doug was most recently the Co-Founder & Director of Strategic Development at Brandshare US. He brings decades of operational and brand experience to the team as well as fantastic managerial experience having founded and scaled a company.
Amount Raised : $2,127
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