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December 07, 2022
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DrySee is a waterproof bandage with built-in liquid intrusion technology that alerts the user when water has penetrated their bandage. DrySee owns all of our intellectual property, holds two global patents, and is currently in-market with products. We believe DrySee has produced meaningful innovation that solves real wound care problems.


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Key Deal Facts

We believe DrySee is the world’s only patented, waterproof dressing with a liquid indicating perimeter band, and a liquid indicating center pad. This reduces potential for surgical site or wound site infection and contamination.

DrySee liquid indicating, waterproof, thin film dressing targets the $2.46 billion advanced dressings market (source) and is intended for use in surgery, post-operative care and for home use.

DrySee could be the bandage of choice in the 10.3 million in-patient, 11.4 million surgery center procedures,  plus millions of in-office surgeries each year (source).

Management Team / Advisory Board Bios

Marc Etchells

Chief Technology Officer

Marc Etchells brings 30 years of experience in the proprietary materials development and manufacturing business with a medical device & sorbent product focus. He is considered an expert in his field of infection control, medical wound care dressings, and devices. Prior to joining DrySee, Marc co-founded the company ETC Innovation, which owns extensive manufacturing assets and converting capabilities and participates in the field of silicone adhesives and delivery systems for actives. They have development experience enveloping fibers, nonwovens, composites and textiles plus films and foams with specific focus in the Medical Materials, Animal Care and Food Safety markets. Marc holds a BS from the University of Massachusetts and an MS from the Institute of Textile Technology.

Margaretta Snell

Chief Marketing Officer

Margaretta is responsible for the overall marketing strategy and execution for DrySee products and future product lines with a focus on brand awareness, lead generation and partner marketing. Margaretta has 15+ years in the marketing industry, most recently working in the healthcare software. Margaretta received a BA from Southern Methodist University.

Georgia Ann Herpin Baker

Board Director

For the past 30-plus years, Georgia Herpin Baker has traveled the world presenting for competition, and showing horses. She also married to Lovett ‘Chip’ Baker, Jr. They have a son together; all the while, Georgia has kept up her ferocious pace.
Georgia enjoys training, breeding, presenting for competition, and riding horses over the years. Georgia loves being a horsewoman, and this is, critical to Georgia Baker’s philosophy.
Currently, Georgia is a director of Goldston Oil Corporation, and a director of DrySee, Inc.

Lydia Mayfield Abbott

Board Director

Lydia grew up in Houston, Texas. After earning a BBA from The University of Texas at Austin with an emphasis in accounting, she worked for the public accounting firm Ernst & Young in the audit and tax departments before joining Goldston Oil Corporation. She paused her career to raise her family in Washington State. While in Washington she used her skills at nonprofit companies by joining leadership, writing grants, and organizing events. Lydia earned a Certificate in Nonprofit Management, and recently a Certificate in Accounting both from The University of Washington.
Currently, Lydia works in the Human Resources Department of Goldston Oil Corporation, and is a director of DrySee, Inc., director of GUI Global Products, Ltd., and a director of Goldston Oil Corporation.

Jack H. Mayfield, III

Board Director

Jack was born and raised in Houston, Texas. In 1985, Jack graduated from the University of Texas with a BBA majoring in Accounting, and thereafter worked for Cotton & Company, a CPA firm in Alexandria, Virginia,. After becoming a Certified Public Accountant, he graduated from the University of Houston Law Center and thereafter worked for Butler & Binion in Houston as an attorney practicing Corporate & Securities Law, focusing on public offerings, mergers and acquisitions.
Currently, Mr. Mayfield is the president and founder of Mayfield Publishing Company, which sponsors Legalbitstream.com, a federal tax law research facility. Mr. Mayfield also is a director of DrySee, Inc., and Goldston Oil Corp, a closely held oil and gas exploration and production company.
Amount Raised : $4,086
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